Fling.com Member Review & Login Info (2024 Update)

Joining the Fling dating network changed my life – literally. If you’re single or looking to cheat in 2024, then you need to read below. It’s by far the most life-changing experience I’ve ever had. Here are all the details and more…

Getting A Premium Membership To Fling Changed My Sex Life Forever

I typically don’t like to brag about things that I do or anything of that matter, but I couldn’t keep this all to myself. I figured the best way to let people know that I bang more women in a week than most do in a month was to write about it. Call me a cocky prick but, I’m successful at getting laid and it’s all thanks to obtaining a Fling sign in on my 26th birthday. I know it sounds strange, but keep reading, because you haven’t heard anything yet. For starters, I use Fling on the regular now. I haven’t used another dating site since joining because I haven’t needed to do so. My philosophy is simple…If it’s not broken, the don’t fix it…

Anyway, I don’t personally matter here. What matters most are the experiences I’ve had using Fling and why you’re going to want to join after I tell you all about it. I’ll explain the rest later. For now, let’s move on to the site itself. When I see the Fling logo each time I go to sign in, I can’t help but picture a hot girl that just wants quick sex! To me, the logo screams, “Have hot sex tonight!” and although some may disagree, there are far more that will likely feel the same exact way! The logo is what drove me in from, the get-go.

Fling Sign In Logo

The Fling.com Logo

Here at lifewithflings.com, I’m going to be sharing every online dating experience that I’ve ever had using Fling. I’m also going to be sharing dating experiences that I’ve had after using all the shitty dating sites that don’t work. I know you’re probably wondering, why I’m going out of my way to help you meet women and have sex? I’m not going to share all that info with you right now. I’m going to leave that for another time. If you want to find out everything there is to know about me then I suggest you read my bio page. You’ll get a kick out of it. That much I’m sure of.

Now, to not leave you completely in the dark, I’ll give you a bit of background on me. I’m now 28 years old and I’m a stockbroker living in Manhattan, NY. I’m single (when I’m not fucking girls I meet online) and I make a decent amount of money. I’m not rich, especially by the measurements of New York City but I’m comfortable and I love to party and have sex with girls.

Fling has worked better than any other online dating site that I’ve ever used. I’ve been a member for well over a year now and since I’m accustomed to giving good money-making advice to people, I felt that it was only right to give advice on another area that I’ve had success in and that’s fucking girls I meet online. I’m not very technical and this is the first site I’ve ever created, so please just be grateful that I’m giving you advice and if you see something wrong or broken, please feel free to reach out to me about it. Anyway, let me start by sharing one memorable experience that I had using Fling.com. It all started with one profile picture that I came across.

Profile Picture of A Sexy Fling Member

I know you’re wondering about the quality of girls on this dating site. I can assure you that the girls are hotter than hot and that they are fuckable as can be. I can’t share the exact profile of one of the girls that I’m about to tell you a story about but the girl below looks exactly like her and could easily pass for her twin sister. You’ll find a ton of girls even hotter than her if you decide to join Fling.

fling signin member profile

Picture of girl that resembles a member that I hooked up with while using Fling.


In the event that you find the girl pictured above even remotely attractive, then you’re going to have a lot of fun using FLING. If you are looking for a dating website, then I’m sure you take precautions like other individuals and you read site reviews before joining. I’m giving you my personal Fling review here right now. You may have even come across my site just by searching for “Fling reviews” or “How to get a Fling sign in.”

Two years ago when I joined the site, I couldn’t find anything like I’m sharing with you now. There’s a pretty good chance that if you’re even on my site, that you’re looking to fuck some local women and you want to do it as quickly as possible.

Let me cut to the chase. On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best: I give Fling.com nothing less than a 10.

My Fling.com Membership Review – “It’s The Best Casual Dating”

Don’t worry one bit, I’m going to give it to you straight here and I’m not going to leave anything out about my personal experience using Fling.com. Let me start by sharing the entire sign-up process. This site literally can’t get any easier to join. Obtaining a username to sign in was as simple as filling out a quick form that took less than 30 seconds and consisted of a few simple questions. All I had to do was provide my gender, sexual preference, age, and zip code. I also had to provide an email address that I use to verify the account. Once I confirmed the account, I was signed up, logged in, and was ready to use the site. The one thing that I must warn you about is that the sheer number of female members can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you live in a popular area. I started browsing around and saw a girl that looked like the one in the picture above. Here’s a screenshot of what the main page will look like before you join.

fling homepage

Screenshot of the Homepage.

I was absolutely thrilled when I saw all the profiles of the women that were by me at the time I was joining. To be honest, I’m in Miami sitting poolside on a vacation away from the cold in NYC and I had to write this for you. As you can see, there are plenty of girls even in the current location that I’m in now. That won’t change no matter where you are located. If you’re bold and daring like me, you’ll stop everything and just check out the site to confirm the high caliber of girls in your local area that already joined the site.

I digress…at that point, I was officially a member of Fling. I don’t go half-speed in anything that I do, so I decided to take a couple of minutes to add some more detailed information to my profile. I didn’t go crazy but I made my profile more attractive. For example, I added a great profile photo and a catchy bio that would draw some attention to me. I also added a couple of additional photos and shared my likes and dislikes. Then I started searching the site for pussy in NYC.

Searching Inside Fling As A User

The search function on Fling is amazing. However, I decided to keep things simple and went for a few basic searches. My first instinct was to search for girls using my zip code. I did this to determine right off the bat what type of girls I was going to be dealing with here. Well, the results were great and even overwhelming. I ended up narrowing my search down a bit more for brunette, in shape between 18 – 23 and I got a ton of results that looked like the girl featured above.

I found one that was absolutely stunning and I couldn’t help myself but to immediately shoot her a message to start a chat with her. I’m not going to tell you the girls username or name at all because I don’t want other guys fucking her. I selfishly rather keep that ass to myself. LOL. I will tell you that I started with some basic friendly messaging that soon escalated to nude pics and even some naked snap chatting. If it weren’t for the advanced filtering, I’m not sure that I would’ve been as successful. We had some nice chats but I wanted more and asked her to meet in person so that we can get to know each other a bit more.

My First Casual Dating Meetup

I’m going to call the girl Stacey just to give her a name and not give her identity-aware completely. Stacey met me in a local rum bar in Manhattan. I strategically had her meet me at a bar that was close to one of the W Hotels in the city. We met and had a couple of drinks together.

One thing led to another and we decided to hit the W bar for a martini. I had come prepared to fuck (in the event that she decided she wanted to get it on). It’s a good thing I did because as soon as she was drunk she didn’t hesitate to start touching me and talking sexy.

At this point, I knew that I was going to be getting lucky tonight. I didn’t care what it was going to cost me either. After we were both drunk, we stumbled to get a room at the W. I ended up banging her at night and the next morning before running home to get to work before the market opens. From that day forward, I was addicted to Fling.

The Sites Specifics

Now that I’ve shared my first successful experience with you, I’m going to give you a rundown on some of the specifics that I like about the site. Here are a few things that I really like about Fling.com.

Things I like About The Site

For starters, the technology that this site provides is second to none. They innovate so that you can get laid more so than any other site that I’ve ever used. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to chat on cam with a girl for a bit or if you want her to come to your house to fuck you.

It’s top-notch and trumps the rest. That said, I love the on-site messaging system and chat capabilities that the site offers. I should also mention the guarantee that this dating site offers. It’s second to none really! They will guarantee that you get laid using this site and if you don’t they will either give you your money back or extend your membership to a full year free of charge.

With all the online scams these days, that statement is pretty fucking bold, and they have to have the guts to stand behind that. I respect the fuck out of the owners for doing that. Solid business right there.

Did I mention that I met another girl on the site the same week I signed up? Here’s her profile picture below. She chose to take a more discreet approach, which is part of what caught my attention.

A girl from fling.com

This is another girl from Fling that I fucked the first week I joined.

This I Don’t Like About Fling

I was a bit upset that some of the girls took so long to respond. That’s partly my fault for messaging them while they were offline. There were always a lot of local women online whenever I logged on, I am just picky as fuck about things.

Would I Suggest You Get A Log In To This Site?

I 100% would suggest that you should join Fling. I can recommend this site because I’ve been using it for the past two years and my dating success rate has never been higher. In fact, I’ve spent more time communicating with members and fucking them than I have actually worked a full-time day job. That’s how powerful this site really is. Might I add that the site has fantastic mobile capabilities and even a dedicated app too!  It’s a win-win.

That all said I’m going to suggest that you join fling because it’s been given a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 by the pickiest young stockbroker in NYC. Finding girls to bang has never been easier. I’ll never stop using this site as long as I’m looking for pussy. You’ll be successful if you join. I promise!

Update: 01/06/2024

Since it’s now 2024, I am updating my review and doing a thoroughly documented analysis of my experience. I’ve recently spent some time with a ton of girls I met on fling. I wanted to share some photos of the girls that you might come across when using the website. Additionally, you’ll learn that I’ve highlighted some of the hottest topics that I’ve covered on the sidebar. You will also learn that I added a list of other casual dating sites that I’ve tried which turned out to be bad experiences. I recommend reading the reviews to learn more about each of them.

Girls on the fling.com site.

I Review Other Sites Like Fling Here Too (Like Adult Friend Finder)

The main service that I try to provide is to have a comprehensive list of dating and hook-up sites from around the internet. I take the time to review them and let you know what’s going on with them. I come across both legitimate sites and scam sites. I always take the time to make sure the reviews are accurate and up to date.

If you ever come across a site and don’t know if you should be signing up for it, all you have to do is find it right here. I’ll always give you the best information possible. The time is always taken to fully investigate a site and let you know everything that’s going on with it. If it’s a scam then you should know what to expect and how to avoid the site to keep yourself safe while you browse online.

There Are Thousands Of Sites To Explore

There’s never going to be a lack of dating and hook-up sites on the internet. There’s a massive industry that only exists to create them and get traffic flowing toward them. From the second you go online, you’re going to come across them all of the time. The trick is always to know what to look out for when you sign up for something new.

No one should ever agree to pay for a site that they haven’t fully investigated. It’s a sure way to get scammed out of the money that you work so hard for. When you know what to look for, you run less of a risk of falling victim to an easily avoidable scam. That’s the key to safely browsing the internet and always knowing what you’re signing yourself up for before you start handing out your personal information.

What To Look For On Adult Sites

The very first thing that you want to look for is what happens after you sign up for a new site. You want to check out your homepage and familiarize yourself with the layout. If you start to notice that you’re getting a lot of messages before you try to talk to anyone, you can be sure that you’re on a scam site. You also always want to look at the photos that you see on the profiles. If you run a reverse image search and see the photos over and over again, chances are very high that you’re on a scam site.

FAQ People Also Ask

Here are a bunch of commonly asked questions that I get asked. The answers are below to help guide you into making the right dating decision for you.

What is a fling?

A fling is a hookup that’s basically sex with no strings attached for a short period of time.

What does fling mean?

Fling means casual sex.

Is fling.com legit?

The Fling.com dating network is 100% legit. It’s as legit as they come and worth checking out.

Does fling work?

Yes it works great.

Is fling.com worth it?

It most certainly is worth it. Considering it’s free, there is nothing to lose trying it.

Is fling free?

It’s 100% free to register and join.

How do I delete my fling account?

If you want to delete your account, simply contact support and they will remove your profile from the network.

How does fling work?

Simply search for members in your local area and ask them if they want to meet up for sex. The next step is to meet, have sex, and then leave. That’s how it works.

How to get over a fling with a coworker?

The easiest way to get over flings with a coworker is just to find someone else to have a fling with. It’s really that easy.

Can a fling turn into a relationship?

Most definitely. A fling can quickly turn into a relationship if you open yourself up to one emotionally.

Is Fling app safe?

The Fling.com app is very safe and perhaps the most secure of them all.

Am I just a fling?

Most likely, yes. If you’re using this app, then you are most likely just a fling.

Conclusion: Join Fling.com But Always Check Out New Sites Here Too

Whenever you come across a brand new site, the first thing you want to do is check it out right here. All of the work has already been done for you. You can see which sites are scams and which ones are totally safe for you to use. All of the information that you find here is accurate and you can use it to make sure you never fall victim to an online scam. Check here first and keep yourself safe while you browse.


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