A Couple Simple, Yet Great Sex Tips You Need To Know!


If you want to have great sex then you need to know who to get great sex tips from. It’s good to have good sex but this can only happen if you know what to do. If you want to improve your sex life, here are two fantastic tips that can help. Full disclosure, I’ve pounded more pussy than Donald Trump has lied about grabbing. Yes, my friends, that’s a lot of pussy!

great sex tips

Great Sex Tips To Help Boost Your Bedroom Fun

Here’s a rundown of two great sex tips that will skyrocket your bedroom fun. Trust me on this one!

The One Hour Rule

The One Hour Rule is one that a lot of people don’t know of but it does exist and it’s important. This rule is rather simple. You and your partner have to have sex within one hour of getting home from work. It’s great for just about anyone that needs a reason to fuck. Like I said, the rule isn’t for anyone, however, it is for those that want pussy galore. It’s good for moms and dads or even just people you’re dating. I apply this rule to flings that I have with girls. If I meet someone online we best be having sex within and hour or the date is over.

The idea behind the rule is simple. We tend to make the mistake of making sex a chore rather than a priority. Sex is about intimacy and orgasming, not about chores and other bullshit.

The one hour rule works well for anyone who wants to have great sex and have it fast. All you have to do is to make sure that you two are well in line with each other and that your intentions are aligned with one another. The sex after a long day’s work is great, I can guarantee you that for sure. I actually live and die by this rule and it’s something that you can present to someone as a game or something more fun than anything. Trust me that it’s a great approach!

Split “Work In Bed” Equally

You probably didn’t see this one coming but if you split the work equally, you are going to have better sex. What I mean by that is that each individual must put forth the effort to fuck good. There’s nothing worse than having sex with someone and not having them reciprocate properly. It’s something that can ruin a nice evening with some local college slut or even a girl that you’ve been seeing for quite some time. When you stop putting in the effort, your partner will do the same and that’s not going to get you anywhere.

Now, for those that haven’t had the chance to meet someone locally to fuck or if you haven’t gone out with someone long enough to convince them to fuck you then this might not apply to you. What’s important is that you work towards a common goal of helping each other orgasm. That’s really all that matters here.

I’ve got lots of other great sex tips that I can share but unfortunately I do not have time to do so today. That’s why I’ve only left you with two tips. However, these should be plenty for you to start incorporating into your sex life.

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