Adult Hookup Review

Sometimes I try a fling site that’s killer. Other times, it’s about as bad as it can possibly get. While I’m not saying that is the case here today, what I am saying is that it’s important to research each and every adult dating site that exists before using it. That’s exactly why I’ve researched the Adult Hookup website and why I suggest you learn about it before joining.

But before I kick things off here:

I want you to know that this site is one of those infamous dating sites that possibly deceive users. That said, do not take action here until you read my review in its entirety.

Adult Hookup

My Adult Hookup Investigation

As I keep things raw and uncut with my review, you’ll either love or hate what I have to say about Here goes nothing and take notes if you want to eventually hook up with some smoking hot girl.

The very first thing you need to know is this…

It’s A Scam (IMO)

Adult HookUp is a scam from the word go and it will never be anything other than a sad attempt at separating people from their money, no matter how badly you may want to believe in miracles. The same company that owns this site actually owns several more and each and every one of them work in the same exact way.

You’ll have plenty of fake messages and be treated to fake profiles from your area, but they actually go the extra mile and try to cheat you into buying a subscription to a third party porn site that will end up costing you quite a bit of money.

Is It Really Free? Nah, Not A Chance.

They say that you can use the Adult Hookup site for free, but they want you to enter your credit card information just to make sure that you’re of the proper age. This in and of itself isn’t that odd, but if you look to the left of the information that you’re entering, you’ll see that there’s a preselected option for you to sign up for a preview membership to a porn site.

It’s cheap enough for a day or two, but once that expires, you’re going to be on the hook for a full monthly fee and you won’t be able to get rid of it unless you actively go in and cancel it yourself. Not only are you losing money, but you’re also losing the time and energy that it will take to relieve yourself of the financial burden.

Hired Women To Chat, Screw That!

Most impressively, this place actually hires women to sit at home and talk to you. These are paid employees whose sole job is to convince you that you have women just dying to meet up with you. Naturally, you have no chance at all to ever actually see any of them in person, but it adds to the illusion that the owners of the site are trying to sell you on. If you have live people talking to you, then the site must be legit and worth the cost of a full membership, plus the hassle of canceling your porn site subscription.

Legally Safe Due To Terms

If you take a look at the legal jargon and terms that most people never bother to read, you’ll see that you’re agreeing to be contacted by employees and others that are working on contract. These are the paid women who talk to you to make you think that you’re actually getting something for your money. You’re not. It’s just a big scam. They’re selling you an entertainment experience, not a hookup site. You’ll never meet a single person (or married) from Adulthookup, but you will end up spending a lot of money.

Conclusion: Adult Hookups Is A Bad Site

This place doesn’t even come close to being worth anything. You’ll have to fight to keep your money and you’ll be bombarded by actors who want to make you feel like you’re getting something in return. It’s exactly like paying to get into a brothel but never being allowed to have sex with any of the girls. It’s a total waste of time and should be avoided.