Affair Alert Review

Have you been toying with the idea of having an affair? How about meeting someone that’s in a relationship and banging them on the side? If so, then chances are you’ve been looking for an affair dating site to join. I’m here today to let you know that you’ve got to do one thing before jumping into a dating site.


Not all affair sites are the same. I learned this when I decided to give Affair Alert a try. It was an unfortunate experience that I’ll never forget.

Affair Alert

My Experience Was Unpleasant At Best

Affair Alert is yet another “fake dating” website that does all of the usual tricks to convince you to sign up for a VIP account. They want you to pay for the privilege of talking to fake users.

How so, you ask?

Well, they have profiles with pictures of models on them. No matter how much time you spend on the site, you’re not going to be coming across any real people.

Profiles Created By The Company

They’ve all been created by the company to make you believe that other people actually use it. This clear scam site is even worse when you consider the fact that it’s geared toward people looking for an affair and probably treats their private information with as little regard as they treat their paying customers.

Prepare For Fake Emails and IMs

As soon as you sign up, the fake messages are going to start rolling in. You won’t be able to read a single one of them unless you upgrade to a paid membership, and it’s not exactly cheap. It’s a fairly expensive deal that you’ll be getting yourself into.

You’ll have to actively cancel your membership if you want to stop getting charged. If you forget about it or think that you’re only paying for one month, you’re going to end up seeing a very unpleasant surprise on your bank statement.

The Terms Are Awful

The terms of service blatantly admit that they use fake accounts (just like this site) to get you on the hook. They count them as service features and tell you upfront that they’re going to be lying to you in order to trick you. Everyone should always take the time to check these things out because it will save you time and money in the long run.

If you save any of your evenings from being total wastes of time, then it’s well worth the few minutes that it takes to scan these things. You’ll find them present on a lot more sites than you would have thought in the past.

Texting? Meh.

The site offers a texting feature to talk with people in real time, but this is really just a way to get your phone number on file. Once they have that, they can pretty much do whatever they want. You’ll find yourself getting texts from them after you’ve spent a few days away from the site and you might even find yourself as the focus of telemarketers. No one likes getting calls from numbers that they don’t know, but it will be your new existence if you choose to use the feature.

Conclusion: Affair Alert Suck, End of Story

It shouldn’t need to be said that you should just avoid Affair Alert. That holds true, especially if you’re looking for some side action. They do not care about sharing your personal information and you can find yourself getting outed pretty quickly. I’ve had zero luck using this site so stay away.

There’s way more danger here than any of it is worth. You’ll be spending money to get nothing but spam messages and no sex. There’s no reason to waste your time here and you should tell other people to avoid it as well.

What you can do is think about using some of the other sites online that actually work. There are plenty of dating sites that exist that can help you have an affair, unfortunately, Affair Alert. However, one of them that does work is this dating network. So skip and start there instead.