Dating Network Exposed

If you’re looking to have a fling, then chances are you’re on the hunt for a local site to bang people. There are some that are awesome (the one I mention on the homepage) and others that suck, like I’m sorry, but I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade and completely call a site out when necessary.

Check this out:

This site might not be what you think it is. Do yourself a solid and don’t take action until you read this page. Doing so may save you hundreds of dollars and credit card fees. Is The Worst

Bang Locals is a total scam that only works well if you consider being charged over a hundred dollars a month for porn to be a good deal. Right from the beginning, you’ll be told that you have to enter your credit card information in order to create a profile. You’re reassured that you won’t be charged for the site, and that’s accurate, but it’s only because you’re going to be charged a whole lot more for a completely different set of sites that don’t even work as hook up or dating sites. All you’ll be getting in exchange for your money is access to multiple porn sites that you’ve never heard of.

Directly below the payment screen is the fine print that clearly tells you that you’re buying access to three or four completely unrelated sites. When we say clearly, we mean that they do technically tell you that it’s happening. Unfortunately, unless you pull out a magnifying glass, you’re extremely likely to miss this information altogether. You won’t know what’s happening until you see the charges on your card and they’ll be adding up to quite a bit. On top of that, they’re also recurring monthly charges, so if you don’t cancel them, you’re going to be paying the ridiculous amount over and over again until the day you die.

It’s a really underhanded way of going about business and if any of these places actually had anything good to offer, they wouldn’t have to trick you into becoming a member. No one should be wasting any money on any of the places and the site should honestly be reported by anyone reading this review. The more people that do it, the better the chance of the better business bureau actually doing something about it and shutting them down.

On top of all of this, they still try to get you to pay to upgrade your profile. You’ll be getting plenty of fake messages from robots that you’ll have to pay in order to read. Along with the fact that the vast majority of profiles on the site are created by the site itself, you’ll just be going around in circles while never talking to a real person. It’s not difficult at all to find out which profiles are fake, either. All you have to do is a reverse image search and you’ll find the pretend owners of the profiles plastered all over the internet. They’re either models or porn actresses and you’ll never meet up with a single one of them.

Everyone should stay as far away from this place as they possibly can unless it’s just to get the web address to report to the BBB. These guys will steal from you and not even have the decency to tell you about it afterward. It’s a huge scam and they don’t deserve to be allowed to exist. In fact, all of the porn sites that they trick you into joining should be reported as well right away.

What Works Better? 

There are lots of sites out there that work better than, especially given that the site is completely useless. My personal advice would be to avoid this site and many other sites like,, and even Instead, give the fling app a shot and you’ll have a better chance of getting laid.