BeNaughty Scam: This Review Reveals Everything About It!

If you can’t be naughty, then why be anything, right? I’ve been investigating fling style dating sites for years. One of those that I’ve recently come across is Now, there is something super important that you need to know about this website.

Some of the hottest and sexiest women in the world can be found at BeNaughty, and they all want to have sex with you. The catch, though, is not a single one of them is real. That’s nothing any single guy wants to hear. Given that’s the case, I’m here to share everything that I know about this site and why I hate it!

BeNaughty Scam Revealed

The BeNaughty Scam Finally Exposed Below

Given the pain that most singles have been through and dealt with already, here’s a no-nonsense rundown of things. Don’t worry, I’ve wasted zero time here with this, cutting out the bullshit and getting to the facts.

Fake Profiles

The people who run the site create the profiles. All the messages that you get when you make your free profile are chatbots sent to convince you that you simply can’t live without a paid subscription. You’ll be able to read the messages and you’ll get the idea that you might actually have a real shot here. However, as soon as you pay, you’ll find that they all suddenly become very shy and never want to speak to you again.

Shady Terms

All you have to do is check out the terms of service to see what’s going on. Although Benaughty takes their scam a step further than most other hook up sites and actually tries to lie to you about it. They state clearly that they create their own profiles, but they claim that it’s to check their system out. That’s really not the case. If you read further down, you’ll see that they also admit to sending their user’s instant messages to send alerts to you.

Bot Alerts

These alerts are nothing more than the chatbot messages that you’re getting when you first make your profile. You can read them, but you can’t respond to them unless you pay for the privilege of using all of the site’s features.

It’s a common scam that keeps companies like these running and there’s no way around it. They may claim that their staff profiles are there for one reason, but it’s all just a sham to further convince you to sign up. It’s sad that they can be so blatantly dishonest, but that’s the way some of the hookup sites are run.

Tricks, Nothing More

The main problem behind is that if they actually had something to offer their customers, they wouldn’t have to resort to any kind of tricks like this. Their own record and user base would be able to speak for itself, and everyone would be happy.

Unfortunately, rather than put in the actual work to make a functioning site, they’ve simply taken the easy way out by trying to steal money from people. No matter how you slice it, they claim to offer you something that they simply can’t provide.


It doesn’t matter how much time you spend online or how much effort you put into your profile. The user base just doesn’t exist. There’s nothing to be done here, except look at pictures that were stolen from the Internet and plastered on staff profiles (like this site does here).

The chatbots are obvious and they never relent until you open up your wallet and take the plunge as a paid user. That’s when you realize what a mistake you’ve made. No one will ever respond to any message because there’s no one here using the site. It’s all one big scam that suckers in way too many people.