Best Steak And A BJ Day Videos (A March 14th Holiday)


I’m not here to give you dating tips today. I’m actually here to make sure you’re aware of the most important holiday of the year. It takes place on March 14th every year and it’s by far man’s most treasured holiday. That’s right, it’s Steak and a BJ day!

Steak and a BJ Day

If you’re single or in a relationship, it’s something that you must celebrate! To help you pass time while waiting for your steak and a BJ, I’ve got some videos for you to watch.

So this first video is a pretty awesome animated take on how the holiday came to fruition. Sure, it’s embellished a bit but it’s a great watch. Whether you’re planning on spending time eating a steak and getting a BJ from some hot local random chick on a dating site or a regular booty call, you’ll appreciate the clip.

The second video is an anthem , featuring some crazy Chinese dude going buck wild as if he was in a club. His rapping skills are pretty bad, but the some is catchy as fuck. By the end of the clip, I was dancing along at my computer loving the beat. I felt like I was in a spinning class getting my sweat on, lol. Last time I got a steak and a blowjob was my last date night, but why not get after it again tonight, right?

Here’s another video that’s a comedy skit. I believe it was filmed during some comedy night at a college. It’s a bit lengthy but you’ll likely enjoy it.

Now, for the most important part of this entire blog post. You need to know how to get that steak and BJ that you’ve earned. If you don’t know anyone to ask or connect with, then I strongly suggest you log into now. In fact, I bet the women using the site would appreciate receiving a message from some guy looking to get his member sucked. Trust me, just hit up any of the girls on the site and they’ll be willing to give you head. Why the heck do you think I use this site anyway? Well, sorry to cut this short but I’ve got to get some messages out to horny single ladies in my area before the day is over. The clock is ticking and time is against me tonight!

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