Bewild Dating App Review

I’ve been using a bunch Google Play apps these days. Most of them are complete crap, but at least I’m giving them a shot. If you’re not trying something new then you’re not expanding your horizons. When it comes to dating, you need to try a bunch of things until you find one that works for you. I’ve found one that I love (this here) but I like to try new things just for shits and giggles.

Only this time, I wasn’t laughing. Find out everything I learned about the BeWild dating app.

bewild dating app

My Official Review Of The BeWild App

BeWild is an app that you can find right on the Google Play store, even though it’s nothing more than a total scam for anyone who uses it. Not only is it just a cash grab, but the app doesn’t actually do anything. After you install it and try to make your profile, you’re going to be redirected to a dating site. This is where the scamming starts to come in and never actually lets up. You’re going to be tricked into spending a whole lot of money that you won’t even know is leaving your bank account.

Redirected Once Again

The big selling point for the dating site that you get redirected to is that it’s totally free for your entire lifetime. At least that’s what they claim. If that were the case, then you wouldn’t have to enter in your credit card information. It’s the very last step and it’s going to run you a lot of money. What you’re not seeing is that by entering your information, you’re agreeing to some very expensive memberships to porn sites. They can very easily run you a ton of money and they’ll never stop charging you. Every single month, they’re going to run your card again until you manually cancel it.

Nothing But Bad Porn

If you’re wondering why they would care about making you sign up for porn sites, it’s pretty obvious: they’re getting a cut of your membership fee. Every single time you pay them, they’re getting a percentage and that’s how they make their money.

They have nothing at all to actually offer you; they just want your cash. You may have worked for it, but they feel entitled to it. It’s the absolute worst example of humanity, and it’s coming for you if you decide to try downloading this app.

Bots, Bots, Bots

Even if you end up talking to someone, I can almost guarantee that it’s a bot. Even though you’re paying for the porn sites, they still want you to pay for their site. They’re going to try and make that happen by sending you fake messages all day long. You won’t be able to respond to them unless you pay to upgrade your membership.

This is yet another charge on top of the others and will run you a lot of money in both the long and short term. Even if you pay for access, there still won’t be anyone to talk to because no real people use the site.

Conclusion: The BeWild App Sucks Big Time

The best thing that you can do is stay far away from this site. If you want to help, you can report the app to Google. This may just end up giving them all the evidence that they need to finally kick it off of their servers. It serves no point to anyone.

It will never give you anything in return for your money but a whole lot of headaches. Scams like this run rampant on the Internet and they’re never going to disappear. All you can do is stay safe. If you find another Google Play app that’s scammy, then do yourself and all my readers a solid and let me know which they are so that I can investigate things.

Other apps that totally suck are and Avoid those at all costs too.