Big Boobs Aren’t Always Number One (For These Reasons)


Sometimes I go for women with big breasts when I’m searching for online bootycalls, but not all the time. Now, I know what many guys must be thinking when they see the title to this article. They probably think that big boobs are always the best and the bigger, the better. This is true, to an extent, but big breasts aren’t great just because they’re big. They must have other qualities if they hope to be ranked among the best. I’m sure that, after you read this article, you will quickly realize that size isn’t something that really matters.

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Big Boobs Are Not The Best (Find Out Why)

Before I get too far into the discussion, I should say what I consider to be “big boobs.” In my personal and highly experienced opinion, big constitutes as D cup size or larger. Once you get over a D cup, you must consider the shape of the rest of the body.

Most of the time, when a woman’s breasts are larger than a D, they contain a lot of body fat. If body fat is deposited in the breasts, it is likely that large amounts of fat are deposited in other parts of her body as well. Yes, I’m saying that she might be a bit heavy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if you’re into that type of woman. Most women who maintain large breasts and a thin body turn to fake breasts to keep them large. Very few will be a natural wonder with big, beefy tits and a small waist.

A set of nice, firm tits with some size can be much better than an enormous set that you could smother in. Big tits are definitely more fun than small ones, but you can have just as good of a time with tits that are well shaped and perky than you can with tits that are only nice because they’re large. I feel that big breasts are a bit overrated and some guys focus so much on them that they miss out on those that are much nicer but come in a slightly smaller package. Think about it, what if a woman responded the same way to a guys package? It’s not okay to judge a book by its cover so don’t.

A major complaint that a lot of women have, who are trying to lose weight and stay healthy and tone, is that losing weight causes them to lose boob size. Don’t worry so much about that. Your breasts will always adjust to the appropriate size for your body. Just because they get smaller, does not mean that you are becoming less sexy or desirable. You will still have large breasts compared to your frame and guys will appreciate that you have the full package rather than just a set of big tits.

Think about it. Why is it so important to be with a woman with large breasts? They don’t serve any additional function in the bedroom and they are not the only desirable part of a woman’s body. Wouldn’t you much rather be with a woman with nice tits that are in proportion with her nice body than a woman with giant cans, but not much else that is particularly attractive or desirable? If you manage your expectations of big breasts, you’ll probably end up with a better and more satisfying sex life overall. Don’t simply scour the Internet for an online dating profile showcasing huge juggs. The smaller boobs might lead to a better hookup and dating experience.

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