Casual Dating Advice For Banging Milfs Like A Pro


Look my friend, I’ve been hooking up and busting nuts in milfs since I can remember. Sure I have had my ups and downs but one thing has held a constant, my ability to score a milf when I’m out on a date. The art of milf hunting is something too many people rely on yet it’s just the beginning of the fun. What really matters is what you do when you’re on a date with that smoking hot milf. The good news for you is that I’m a professional when it comes to dating older women. Here’s some dating advice that I can offer you.

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Casual Dating Tips For Hooking Up With Milfs

I’m literally one of the best closers of all-time. No, I’m not talking baseball. I am talking about getting a mature woman to want to fuck me!

I’m going to give you some tips or pointers that may help you successfully fuck a how milf that you end up meeting online.

Be Prepared To Spend Money

If you want to get deep inside a hot milf, then you need to be ready to spend the cash to do so. I’m not saying that you need to pay for sex. However, you best be prepared to spend cash on a nice hotel, dinner and drinks. It’s the nature of the game and it ain’t cheap. But it’s worth it!

Never Call Her A Milf

I’m telling you right now, if you use the term milf even once, you’re going to wish you hadn’t. Some older women actually get offended by this. They don’t think that it’s worth dating a young guy that thinks of her as a hot mom. Many milfs want to be thought of as looking younger than they really are. You can understand why the term milf can sometimes turn them off quite a bit.

Don’t Do Shots

Unless the mature older woman you’re out with starts ordering shots, do not do it. It really makes you look like a little boy and these milfs want a guy that can ask like a man but fuck like a raging college student with superhuman energy. Word to the wise, do not get too drunk or it will bite you in your ass and you won’t be getting any ass!

Compliment Her

You want to compliment the milf that you’re on a date with. But you don’t want to simply reference her age, looks or anything like that. Instead, you should compliment her eyes or maybe her earrings or shoes. They tend to like when people notice the little things. This makes their pussy drip, trust me.

Well, those are my basic tips for anyone that has the urge to date a hot milf. You can bang horny milfs all day long if you spend enough time on this website. I do it almost every single day.

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