HookUp Cougars: A Dangerous Site For Your C.C.


I went ahead and reviewed the HookupCougars.com website to give you a better idea of it. If you’re not using hookup sites, then this doesn’t apply to you, but if you’re like me then it certainly makes a lot of sense. Find out why Hookup Cougars website isn’t the site for you.

Hookupcougars.com screenshot

My Review of Hookup Cougars

I’ll kick things off by stating that Hookup Cougars is one of those sites that try really hard to look like it’s legit, but if you know what to look for, it’s obvious there is something wrong here. They don’t take any chances before they reveal their true intentions, so you are asked to agree to the terms and conditions before you even do a single thing on a site.

If you look, they admit right up front that they use “Online Cupids” as profiles to promote the site. You will very quickly realize that the entire site is filled with these profiles and that there doesn’t seem to be a single real profile on the site. That doesn’t stop this site from running and being successful, however.

They offer a variety of features, including live cams and chats, to entice people to stay and sign up for their recurring membership packages. The reality is, everything about this site is a fraud and they are just trying to steal your money.

Site Is Filled With Stolen Content

At this point, you shouldn’t be surprised at all to discover that there are no real women on this site. All the photos you see have been stolen from other places all across the internet. A simple reverse image search will show that they have been taken from porn sites and cam sites. Some of the images are actually from very famous porn stars and cam girls.

What type of sense does it make that these hot girls would just be sitting on this site, desperate to have sex with you? You will receive a variety of messages, often in mere minutes, both in your direct messages and your email inbox. These will show up before you even have a chance to set up your picture or location. However, they all want you to upgrade your account to talk to them. And that’s how you know there’s a scam going on.

Likewise, the entire site is built around their live cam feature, but these videos are completely fake – just like the videos at wellhello.com. They are just prerecorded loops that play over and over and are made to make you think that there are real women here. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The only people that are contacting you are computer bots and employees for the site. There are no women doing live cam shows on this site and no reputable dating site would offer live cams.

Conclusion: A Plain Old Dating Fraud

The site admits upfront that they have profiles showing that are not actually real and are just there for promotion. They just don’t admit that literally, every profile on the site is such a profile.

However, by having you sign the terms and conditions, it insulates them from having to be responsible for defrauding you. Sites such as hookupcougars.com are notorious for recurring charges that are near impossible to cancel and being populated by nothing but fake profiles that will hit you up even before you put up a picture on the site. This is a run of the mill scam site, that’s tied to a vast network of scam sites. Avoid them all.

If you want a real dating site that delivers, then give this page a read and take things from there.

XMeeting Review: X Doesn’t Mark The Spot!


I decided to share my thoughts and opinions on the xmeeting.com website. This review tells the whole story and I think you’ll be very glad that you didn’t join if you read this before doing so. Here is the full rundown and everything I know about this site.

XMeeting Reviews

My XMeeting.com Detailed Review

XMeeting may give off the appearance of a legit site, but any basic inspection will reveal that it is yet another scam site. This site tries to mimic other real dating site features and options. Their claim to fame is having an elaborate algorithm that is supposed to show you who likes you and match you up with women.

The frequency of hot women are the site is sure to get the average unknowing guy excited, and that’s their plan. They want to use sexy women to lower your guard so that you are more likely to fall into the scam. The thing you will realize though is that once you sign up to interact with the community, you will quickly find that it is just a plain old money grab. It doesn’t matter how hot the ladies look or how sleek the website design is. The whole point is to take your financial information so that they can exploit it for their own gain.

Constant Fake Messages

This site tries to pretend to be on the up and up and offer typical packages. The price ranges from thirty dollars for a month up to one hundred dollars for six months. They claim to offer typical features you will find on a dating site. This includes messaging and search features, and even live cams However, this is a site that is flooded with bots and likely does not feature a single real female account. This is obvious because once you sign up you are immediately bombarded with private messages and emails, even before you get the chance to set up your account.

This doesn’t make any sense since these alleged women would have nothing to base their interest off of, and you’ve been signed up for all of five minutes. However, this is how the scam works. They try to make to you think that all these women are interested in you and want to hook up. The moment you try to talk back to them, you are hit with the prompt to sign up for a membership. You won’t even be able to read the messages you get until you sign up, that’s how desperate they are for your sensitive information.

They Try To Fool You Into Thinking Women Are Interested

A trick unique to xmeetings is their use of notifications. They have one option called “She likes you” that’s supposed to show you all the hot girls that have been interested in your account. Likewise, you will be told that your account is constantly being viewed. This is all done to make you think there is real action on the site and to give up your credit card info.

However, it is clearly stated in the terms and conditions that the company sets up accounts as a means of promotions and that every account on the site is not real. They also say that the staff will operate some accounts on the site, but if they operate some of them, it’s safe to assume that they operate most of them and that nothing is real.

Conclusion: Nothing But A Scam

Once you start to pay attention to your messages, you will notice that the repeating phrases let you know it is actually computer software sending you these prompts, just so you upgrade to a paid account assuming it’s a real girl. When you do a reverse image search on the photos they come back as stolen from other websites, mainly porn sites and cam girl sites.

Not even the photos are real. They openly admit to this in the terms and conditions so that you can’t come back around and sue them. When you see a place engaging in practice such as this, it’s obvious the whole thing is a scam and you should stay far away.

If you want to really set up a meeting for sex, then give this site a shot here.

WildMeets Review: The Wild Card Banging That Happens…


I’m not going to sit here and waste your precious time. You’ve got a shortage of it as is, just like the rest of us. Nevertheless, I want to cover some VERY important news about one site in particular. It’s called WildMeets.com and it’s certainly not a site that you want to join. In fact, doing so is a big no-no and perhaps the biggest mistake you’ll make all week. If you want to cut to the chase and join something that kicks ass, then give this a try, please.

Fear not, I’ve covered all the reasons why you should avoid this site. Just read my review and you’ll know what I’m talking about…

WildMeets site homepage

WildMeets.com: A Typical Scam Site

The WildMeets site may give off the appearance of a legit site, but any basic inspection will reveal that it is yet another scam site. These scam sites are everywhere precisely because they work.

The trick is that they resemble legit dating sites in both style and presentation. But once you sign up to interact with the community, you will quickly find that it is just a plain old money grab. It doesn’t matter how hot the ladies look or how sleek the website design is.

The whole point is to take your financial information so that they can exploit it for their own gain. This site is not even one of the better scam sites out there, but since people aren’t educated on these things it is still successful in scamming people.

These types of sites use the same playbook over and over because they are successful, and they know there will always be a never-ending consumer base of horny men looking to hook up as easily as possible. However, once you know how to look for the signs, it’s obvious that wild meets is a scam.

Fake Messages The Moment You Sign Up

This site tries to pretend to be on the up and up and offer typical packages. The price ranges from five dollars for a three-day trial, up to two hundred dollars for a six-month trial. They claim to offer typical features you will find on a dating site. This includes messaging and search features. They even claim to have an active live cam community.

That lie is exposed quickly when you realized that all of the videos are just prerecorded clips playing on a loop. Likewise, right when you sign up you will be hit with all types of messages and emails from all these hot girls who are desperate for your attention.

This doesn’t make any sense since these alleged women would have nothing to base their interest off of, and you’ve been signed up for all of five minutes. However, this is how the scam works. They try to make to you think that all these women are interested in you and want to hook up.

The moment you try to talk back to them, you are hit with the prompt to sign up for a membership. You won’t even be able to read the messages you get until you sign up, that’s how desperate they are for your sensitive information.

Conclusion: Deceptive Business Practices In Every Way

A trick unique to wild meets is their use of notifications. Once you sign up it will say that women have browsed your profile, winked at you, or added you as a friend. This is to make you think that people are interested in your account. However, it is clearly stated in the terms and conditions that the company sets up accounts as a means of promotions and that every account on the site is not real.

They also say that the staff will operate some accounts on the site, but if they operate some of them, it’s safe to assume that they operate most of them and that nothing is real.

When you do a reverse image search on the photos they come back as stolen from other websites, mainly porn sites and cam girl sites. Not even the photos are real. When you see a place engaging in practice such as this, it’s obvious the whole thing is a scam and you should stay far away.

Milf Cheaters Will Unfortunately Most Likely Cheat You…


Is Milf Cheaters a good site to meet horny milfs looking to bang? You’re about to find out right here below. I did my part and reviewed the entire site after investigating things. If you’re on the hunt for milfs to have a fling, then you’ve got to read this review. Don’t become a victim!

Milf Cheaters

MILF Cheaters: Out to Steal Your Cash?

Spam sites and ads are something that everyone is used to, but people don’t realize that these things really work. They know how to play up the idea that this is a real site, and they know that if they look like other dating sites it’s possible they can lure some people in. One of the typical tactics of the dating site world is to offer kink specific content so that people feel more motivated to deal with the site.

At MILF cheaters, they try to make you think they have a bevy of sexy over forty women who are ready to get down and dirty. They claim to have a huge collection of hardcore videos that you can access with a membership account. They do all of this to take advantage of desperate men who want female attention. You will quickly discover that there appears to be a lot of women on the site, appearances are not what they seem.

The Scam Happens From the Start

First of all, no reputable dating site offer XXX videos or live cams. Dating sites do not want to look like porn sites or sex solicitation sites. MILF cheaters goes out of their way to appear like this type of place because they want to lure in the most desperate men. They first claim that signing up is completely free. But once you get an account, you are sent to a page asking for your credit card information to verify your age.

They don’t tell you that they hit you with an automatic recurring fee of over sixty dollars the moment you sign up. Nothing is, in fact, free on this site. These type of business practices are a telltale sign for fraud.

Sites like this are purposely being deceptive about the membership process because that’s how they get your money. When you sign up, you will suddenly be contacted by a variety of accounts. You will be reached by email, instant messages, and will be bombarded by a variety of notifications that claim these women are trying to hook up.

Conclusion: A Site Not To Be Trusted

MILFcheaters.com is one of the worst offenders in the scam business. They steal pictures from well-known cam models and porn stars and expect you to just assume these unbelievably hot girls are desperate for your time and attention. They run live cams on a loop and make you think these girls are really here, but it’s just a prerecorded video.

The site even admits in the terms and conditions that they create profiles on the site as a way to generate traffic. They call these profiles Love Stars and they are all over the site. You think these girls are popular members but they are in fact staff run profiles.

All of this is laid out clearly in the terms and conditions, which you are forced to sign so that you can’t come after them on the backend complaining about being defrauded.

They will make it seem like many women are viewing your profile and trying to flirt with you for attention, but in reality, it’s just another tactic to lure you into handing over your credit card. It’s dangerous to trust this place in any capacity and you should avoid it.

Look, if you’re trying to hook up, then read this page and you’ll make more headway versus using the Milfcheaters.com website – TRUST ME.

Free2Cheat.com: A Notorious Scam Site For Certain!


I’ll just kick things off by saying that this review is of Free2Cheat.com. I’ve covered it all here. Please read it in full before taking action and joining any networks. One thing you must remember is that dating site scams are so ubiquitous because they are in fact very successful.

They are always looking for people to exploit and they know that sex is the best way to get people to lower their guard. The website wants to attract the loneliest and most desperate people possible so that they can scam you into giving them your credit card. They are very invested in appearing legitimate on the surface, and bombarding you with images of hot girls, because they know all they need you to do is put in your information one time and they’ve got you.

Free2Cheat reviews

Find out why and how this site does this…

My Review of Free2Cheat

Free2cheat.com is a well-known scam site because it is tied to a network of scam sites. Nautell Capital Limited is one of the leading companies in dating site scams across the internet. They have been defrauding people successfully for years. It’s almost comical how little they try to hide the fact that this is a fraud.  Their play is to claim that the entire site is completely free to try, and that you simply have to put in your credit card information to verify your age. They don’t mention that signing up for a free account actually sets you up for monthly recurring fees of over a hundred dollars.

They Hit You With Charges From Porn Sites

Yes, they offer the typical dating site features like messaging, video chats, search function, and a social feed. But when they say the site is free, this is a complete lie. The moment you try to sign up they say you need to verify your age with your credit card.

This is not a typical business practice and should raise many red flags. These charges are tagged on automatically and you don’t realize it until you see your bill the next month. This site is filled with XXX videos and live cams, but real dating sites would never put up pornographic content. This is designed to lure in people who are desperate.

The Pictures Aren’t Real

It’s strange to see only young and highly attractive women on the site. It makes no sense that this one place would have such a collection of hot and horny babes who are desperate to hook up. The reality is that there’s nothing but men frequenting the site.

All of these pictures have been stolen from across the internet. A basic search will show you that some of the images are amongst the most popular on the internet, and have been used repeatedly by all sorts of dating scam sites. Some of these pictures are of famous porn stars. What are the odds that these women would be here looking to hook up?

Conclusion: Free2cheat.com is a Scam

There will be fake profiles constantly contacting you claiming they want to hook up, via both direct message and chat messages. You will find a variety of emails with girls saying they are desperate to see you. The reality is, you are getting these messages from a computer bot. And if it isn’t a bot, it’s a paid employee. They admit to this practice right in the terms and conditions.

They call these profiles Love Stars – just like the ones on Megafuckbook.com.

It gives them legal cover to defraud you because they will claim that they admit upfront that there are fictitious profiles on the site and that employees run those profiles. This is the typical fraud you will find from these types of sites. All the schemes are the same. You should never trust your credit card information with any place that uses such practices and you should stay as far away as possible from this site and those like it.

The ONLY site is can truly recommend is the one covered on the homepage. All others I simply do not trust!

AdultHookUps: An Obvious Scam (IMHO)


I’m not the type to lie to people. In fact, I am brutally honest with people and some hate that about me. To those that do not like that, go screw and to those who appreciate it, well, you’re welcome. Now, I’m here to share another review which covers a shady site called AdultHookUps.com. This is my own take on the site, no one else and it’s everything you need to know. Read it and understand before joining this dating network.

AdultHookups.com review

Complete AdultHookUps.com Review

The best thing about some hookup sites is that they tell you straight out that they’re going to be scamming you. That’s exactly the case with AdultHookUps. All you have to do is look at the terms of service to see the scam they’re running. It’s not an uncommon one at all. They simply hide it behind a pleasant description to avoid any legal entanglements.

By telling you about it the way that they do, they’re indemnifying themselves from any legal action. The same principles that have been applied here on this site. On top of that, they’re making you agree to get scammed. You’re essentially giving them the right to trick you out of your money if you decide to use this site. That’s why you should really do anything in your power to stay as far away from it as you possibly can. There are plenty of real hook up sites out there for you to use. This is not one of them.

The Terms Of Service

You should always look at the TOS of any site that you’re joining. You’d be surprised at the things you find. For instance, did you know that Facebook gives itself a very broad license to use anything you post? It doesn’t matter what it is.

When you agree to the TOS, you’re giving them permission to do anything they want with your stuff, and that’s a major social media platform. You can imagine what a hookup site is going to give themselves permission to do. In this case, we already know. Here’s what’s going on.

You Give Them Permission To Trick You

Once you check out what you’re agreeing to, you’re going to see the term “Online Emissary.” This is the basis for the scam on AdultHookUps. They’re fake profiles that were created by the site to keep you coming back.

All of the information is fake. The profile picture that you see is taken from another site and it’s usually a porn site. Remember what we said about Facebook and their broad license? The same exact thing here. The other site is selling pictures that this site is using. The person in it has no idea that they’re on a hookup site somewhere.

They Use Paid Employees

To finish up the scam, these profiles are manned with paid employees. They literally pay people to talk to you. It makes the conversation seem slightly more believable than using a bot. The things is that you’re never going to meet this person.

In fact, it’s probably not even a woman. The most likely scenario is that it’s a man from India who’s being paid by the message he sends. That’s just the truth and you’ve agreed to let it happen.

Conclusion: Don’t Use AdultHookUps

This conclusion is clear. Just don’t use AdultHookUps.com. They make you agree to get scammed. Nothing on the site is legitimate. You’re much better off looking for a real hook up site that can actually introduce you to real people.

This one is a hard pass.

Now, as far as getting laid goes, although it’s not going to happen here it just might happen on this fling site covered here. My advice is to check that site out and learn all about it as quickly as possible. You’ll be getting laid within 24 hours if you do, I can almost guarantee it.

IWantHotties.com Has No Hot People, Maybe Hot Fake Bots!


Here’s what you need to know about the site called IWantHotties.com. I’ve covered the basics and pretty much everything you need to know to not get roped by this nonsense. There’s no reason for me to bullshit you or steer you in another direction. Here are the facts and what you need to know.

IWantHotties.com Review

IWantHotties Review Reveals All

IWantHotties.com only wants to scam you out of your money. All you need is a little internet know-how to figure out what’s going on. Incidentally, you should probably try this trick every time you’re considering signing up for a new dating site. It’s going to save you a ton of time and energy if you can just see the scam for what it is right away.

It only takes a few seconds and you’ll be much happier in the long run. The truth may not be as much fun as the fantasy, but it’s going to save you money and time. That’s much better than pretending that you’re talking to a real girl when you’re really just talking to a computer program.

It doesn’t matter how much fun it looked like Joaquin Phoenix was having in “Her.” Just keep in mind that the whole fiasco ended up turning the poor guy into the Joker.

What happens

So, here’s what you can expect from I Want Hotties (spoiler: it’s not hotties!). You’re going to sign up like you normally would for any site. You’re not going to have to give them very much information at all. You just need your email address and your sex.

Then you’re going to be allowed into the wonderful world of hot sluts who are crawling over you just to sniff your dick. It’s an amazing feeling. You’re going to start getting messages as soon as you create your profile. You don’t even have to upload a picture or lie about how much money you make. The messages are going to be constant and never-ending.

The problem

Then you run into the major issue: you can’t’ respond to a single one of these messages. Sure, you can see them and you can see that the women are horny as hell for a little vitamin D, but you can’t do anything about it.

Any time you try to respond, you’re hit with a paywall. Those are those pesky things that expect you to “pay money” to “use a service.” Stupid jerks. It wouldn’t be such a travesty if the whole thing weren’t trying to rip you off.

The test

Here’s what you do to find out if you’re being scammed. Pick any one of those profiles that are sending you the messages. We’ll wait… Got one? Good. Now head right to Google and run a reverse image search. Don’t worry, just Google it. You’ll get the directions. Notice anything? That’s right! That horny slut is a porn star! Well, sort of. It’s actually just a picture of one.

All of those profiles were created by the site. They’re bots designed to send you messages. The pictures you see were bought or stolen from porn sites. They send you messages and you go right ahead and upgrade your profile to respond to them. It’s so devious that it’s beautiful. The site is creating a problem and selling you the solution. Congratulations, you’ve officially been scammed.

Conclusion: IWantHotties.com Is Not For You

In fact, it’s not for anyone as far as I’m concerned. Chances are it will get shut down by the government eventually and there’s nothing that they can do about that really. If you’re banging people’s credit cards for nothing, even if disclosed, it still should be punishable. At the very least, people should be getting their money back to pay for a membership on a site that works like this.

SPDate Review Reveals All The Nonsense!


I’m here today to share what I know about a site called SPDate.com. It’s not what you think and certainly not one that I believe consumers should turn to. Having spent a lot of time using sites, I know what works and what doesn’t.

The reason I say this is so awful is that it’s impossible to find people. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you read this site review…

SPDate.com index page

SPDate.com Doesn’t Deliver Dates (Find Out Why)

It’s amazing how many dating site scams (take this one here for example) are still up and running, even after they get a reputation for being fraudulent. The problem is that people don’t read these dating site reviews enough. They don’t do their homework. Good news is that you’re doing your homework now!

Vulnerable Singles

Either way, dating sites get away with this day in and day out. This continues because there are always consumers who are vulnerable to being taken advantage of for the sake of a connection and because these sites protect themselves in their terms and conditions so that they are not liable for defrauding you.

Network Not Secure

However, for some scam sites, the cam is not all that obvious, and the real danger is just the fact that you are frequenting a network that’s not secure.

Such is the case with spdate.com. Even though the site is free like that claim, it does not stop the site from being filled with scammers and bots.

How They Attempt To Look Legit

Their first play is always to appear as legitimate as possible, and this is by copying the font, layout, and design of other popular dating sites. They offer features you would expect like search features, private messaging, and Top Users.

The thing with SPDate is they try to replicate the style of Twitter, where there is a live feed aspect. This is so it gives you the sense that this is an active community with many users. There are in fact many accounts on this site.

If you didn’t know better, you would think you found a gold mine of women desperate to be banged. However, the reality is that this site used images of porn stars and cam girls all over the place, and they don’t even do a good job at hiding it.

Incoming Emails

What should have you concerned right off the bat is the number of emails you immediately receive once joining the site. It just doesn’t make any sense that all of these hot women would want to talk to you minutes after you joined.

You won’t even have time to put up a picture of fill out a profile before someone is writing to say how great you look or how you’re a match. You have to understand that all of this is a scam. None of the girls that are messaging you are real. Not only are the profiles and pictures fake, but the messages you are receiving have been generated by computer software.

Any Real Women? Meh, Don’t Think So

There is serious doubt that there are any real women on this site at all. Just scammers and men who don’t yet realize they are being targeted for a scam. Some people maintain that there are real profiles on the site and that may be true.

But the fact is the site has been overrun with fake pictures and profiles, and if it isn’t the site itself scamming you, it’s independent scammers who are using the site as a cover to get into your pockets.

Lack Of Support

The fact is, this site has no way to contact customer support, and it has no (easy to understand) terms and conditions, and no privacy policy displayed on the homepage. Just being on this site poses a danger to your sensitive information. No matter the circumstance, you should avoid this site at all costs.

Conclusion: SPDate.com Is Not Worth It

If you’re going to even contemplate using the SPDate website, then you’re crazy for doing so. I need to suggest that you do not do so and if you’re going to do so that you tread very lightly. Trust me, I know what works and what doesn’t. This one failed my test, just like most of the others out there. If you want to achieve what many believe is impossible, then act here.

XCheaters Review: The Only One Getting Cheated On Is You!


Here’s a saying that you’ve heard a hundred times. Cheat, cheat, never beat. That’s the old saying and what I can tell you is that this site is trying to beat consumers down with a spiked baseball bat. No, not literally, but figuratively with their charges and billing practices. You’ll know what I’m talking about once you read the full report below. After learning everything there is to know about XCheaters.com, this will explain everything.

I’ve done my research and this is what you need to know…


XCheaters Might Be The Cheating You?!?! (Review Below)

Xcheaters.com is one of those classic scam sites where it doesn’t take much investigating to realize things are not on the up and up. A hallmark of these type of sites is trying to appear as legit as possible on the surface. This normally means ripping off the style and design of actual legit dating sites. Xcheaters.com barely meets this criteria because the most basic actions you try to take on the site reveal that the whole thing is designed to steal your money.

Expensive Membership For Nothing

This site claims to have a roster of hot women who are looking to hook up as soon as possible. They claim to be a place specifically for people who are ready to break out of their relationship and have an affair. It’s about $25 for a monthly membership and a hundred and twenty dollars for a yearlong membership.

They feature typical dating site options, like search, messaging, emails, and even live cams. The thing is, nothing you will interact with on this page is real. It’s filled with nothing but bots, fake profiles, stolen pictures, and a variety of spam.

Nothing Real

It’s clear that nothing here is real because the moment you set up an account, you are immediately going to receive a ton of messages. Whether they come in the form of emails or messages directly to your inbox, it won’t take more than a minute for you to find a dozen messages from hot girls looking to hook up. However, this is how the scam begins. The moment you want to read or respond to any of the messages, you are hit with the prompt to upgrade to a VIP membership.

This is a dead giveaway that the entire site is fraudulent. Nothing about the site is free and once you want to do the most basic interaction, they are asking for your credit card information. If not for these things, the live cam option should be a dead giveaway that something is not right.

You know, real dating sites do their best to not look like a porn site or a sex solicitation platform. However, this site does no such thing and tries to lure you in with video loops of alleged girls on live cam, who are ready to get naked for you if you just upgrade your account. This is another scam.

No Picture, No Profile Details

You have to understand that even if you don’t put up any picture or set up a profile, there will be accounts saying how much they like you and want to hook up. You will get a variety of notifications stating that women have “liked” your content. How is any of that possible if you have a blank account? These messages are not even generated by real people. There are also a variety of accounts that are being run by the site itself or by third-party contractors.

T&C Lay Everything Out

If you check the terms and conditions, they admit to the fraud right up front. They will tell you that the notifications you get are generated by the staff to promote interaction on the site. They will always say that there are some staff run accounts that are used to promote the site. They do this to cover themselves legally when they defraud you because you’re unaware of how these sites work. You should do everything you can to avoid this site and others that resemble these business practices.

Conclusion: XCheaters.com Is Not Worth It

Don’t waste your time with XCheaters. Quite frankly, it’s not worth your time or the money you’re going to spend. Having taken the time to research things here, I can officially say that I’ve lost time that I’ll never get back and I don’t want you to do the same. Instead, join a dating site that works and one that will, in fact, connect you with real cheaters looking to cheat.

Other affair sites that just suck as well:


And a must read article -> Text Messaging Success With Potential Affair Hookups

Five Simple Casual Sex Tips To Spice Things Up!


Assuming that you like to have great sex like the rest of us, then you’ll be glad to hear that I’m sharing all my best casual sex tips today. There are a lot of folks out there looking to not only “smash and dash” and go out with a real bang to remember. If you’re having basic missionary sex and you’re parting ways with that person you met online, then you’re doing it wrong.

No one likes vanilla sex.

I repeat, NO ONE like basic vanilla sex.

If you want to make a good first impression, then you need to go all in with spicing things up!

The good news is that I’ve got five simple tips that you can think about doing as quickly as today. They are economical, easy, and effective.

best sex tips for great sex

Simple Casual Sex Tips That Help Keep Things Spicy!

Okay, so I’m only going to cover the most economical and effective tips which I commonly do on a regular basis. They will work, especially if you’re using sex apps like Fling to meet people to bang.

Talk Dirty To Me

Are you into talking dirty with your sex partners? If not, then you best start doing so. Casual sex is all about keeping things casual and that means speaking with filthy in mind. It will make your sexual experience that much better and your sex partner will kick things up a notch as well.

Use Sex Toys

If you haven’t ever used sex toys with a fling partner then I suggest doing so. Even simple sex toys will spice things up and keep your partner satisfied. I almost always introduce them into the bedroom and doing so makes the experience unforgettable. Girls love vibrators and dildos, trust me on this.

Get Creative

If you’re using your creative juices, then good for you! I suggest that you get creative especially when it comes to sex positions. I can tell you right now that unless you have a big snake and know how to use it, you’re not going to have your fling come back for more with a basic missionary banging.

Instead, work in the piledriver, reverse cowgirl, or the essential doggy style position. They will all make your partner orgasm harder and harder.

Let Go

You should let go and let your partner take control if they want to do so. Some women love taking charge but they never get to do so. I love the fact that these women go nuts when they get control and take the wheel in the bedroom. In fact, I’ve had some of the best sex ever just by giving these girls the opportunity to drive the ship. At which point, everyone wins!

Watch Porn Together

Girls and guys like watching porn and if your sex partner likes it then introduce it into the bedroom. Watching porn can often boost your sex drive like never before. I’ve been with some girls who stepped up their game in the bedroom soon as I popped in the video!

Okay, you’ve got plenty of tips there to help you out this weekend. Do your job and put forth the effort to please your casual sex partner by doing things I’ve mentioned. Good luck!