Drinking Games That Lead To A Kinky Party!


We’ve all likely played drinking games before. Some games are just better than others to play. If you’re throwing a party and there are a lot of guys and girls there; you might want to ramp up the sexual tension with some of these drinking games. Why should you do this? Well, that’s pretty simple to answer. Drinking is fun and games are fun. Have sex is fun too. When you mix all of the together, you end up throwing a kinky hookup bash at the end of the day.

drinking games

Drinking Games For Any Fun Party That Can Lead To Sex

I put together a few examples to help you turn your party into a kinky one. Check them out and have fun!

Kinky Movie Game: This is a kinky version of a classic party game. Choose a movie that is fun or predictable. Horror films, for example, are good for this game. Each time a character says or does something that is typical to that film, everyone drinks a shot. The last person to finish their shot has to take off an article of clothing. This can get kinky quickly. I actually love this game because it requires focus and speed. I know, you’ve dressed all fly to make yourself look good and all, but doesn’t getting naked and having sex sound so much better?

I Have Never…: Start the game by saying that you have never done a certain kinky or embarrassing thing. Everyone at the party who has done that thing has to take a drink. If no one in the party takes a drink, the person asking the question has to drink. It helps the kinky factor if the people who drink have to describe what they did.

Spin the Bottle: This one is as old as parties themselves, but if you add drinking to the mix, it gives it a sexy twist. Simply have everyone who wants to participate sit around in a circle. Take turns spinning the bottle. The person spinning the bottle and the person it lands on have to take a shot then kiss. For some variety, think of some other kinky acts to do besides kissing. I’ll admit that this game is great to play with drunk college girls at frat parties or house parties. Shit tends to get very wild.

Shot Roulette: Line up a shot glass for every person participating. Put water in all of them except for one and put liquor in that one. Mix the glasses up and space them out. Everyone grabs one and downs it. The person who drinks the one with liquor either has to take off an article of clothing or perform a dare.

Kinky Coin Toss: Each person participating has to flip a coin three times and guess heads or tails with each flip. The first time they get it wrong they have to take a shot. The second time they get it wrong they have to take off an article of clothing. If they get it right all three times, they can either tell someone else to drink or put an article of clothing back on.

The Kinky Dare Drinking Game: This is one of my favorite drinking games to play at a party. Everyone participating writes a kinky act on a piece of paper. (If anything is off limits for any participants, this should be discussed before the acts are written). Put them all in a bowl or a hat and everyone takes turns picking one. They read the act out loud and either have to perform the act or drink a shot. The catch is, you are not allowed to choose to drink twice in a row.

Drink or Dare: A version of the classic Truth or Dare with shots. Everyone takes a turn asking another person drink or dare and they choose. If anyone refuses to drink anymore, they are eliminated. Anyone who will not perform a dare, they are eliminated.

Strip Poker With Shots: This is another version of an old classic. Simply start a game of poker and use articles of clothing to bet. Every time someone takes off a piece of clothing, the rest of the participants have to drink a shot.

Suck, Suck, Pass: All participants stand in a circle with boy, girl, boy, girl. Take a playing card and each person takes turns sucking it to hold it to their lips and passes it to the next person. Each time the card drops, those two have to take a shot.

I’m telling you that these drinking games are some of the best that you’ll ever play. The games are rather simple to setup and the fun is guaranteed. If you’ve recently connected with a girl online and you plan on bringing them to the party, you may find yourself fucking them sooner than expected! Whatever game you decide to play, I suggest that you sign in to fling to find a date for the next party you plan on attending! One final suggestion, if you’re going to a party be sure to bring some condoms with you just in case your date wants to fuck then and there!


Flirty Messages To Send Girls And Make Them Laugh


If you can’t send flirty  messages, then you are doomed from the get go. Texting has become the newest and best way to get a girl interested. Oh, and having a sense of humor has always been a good way to turn on women. I’ve taken the guess work out of it all for you this time. There are over forty text message examples that I’ve provided below and trust me, they work pretty well.

flirty messages to send to girls

Over 40 Flirty Messages To Send Girls

Check out these sample texts of flirty messages that will make her laugh and arouse her. Remember to take the basic idea of the text and make the words your own.

  1. Could you send me a pic of yourself on earth? I want to make sure you’re not an alien from a planet of hotties. (Cheesy, but funny)
  2. I’m glad that kisses aren’t drops of water or you might drown. That’s okay though, I’ll just give you mouth to mouth.
  3. I say to-may-to, you say to-mah-to. I think we are just going to have to settle this in the bedroom.
  4. If Bob Ross would have had you as a subject, he would have said screw those happy little trees. I’m painting this chick instead!
  5. I’m like a game of Jenga. If you keep touching me all over, I’m just going to tumble down at your feet.
  6. If I was a ghost, I would haunt your mirror so I could look at you all the time. (Creepy as fuck, but might make her laugh)
  7. The sun has got nothing on you. You are so hot, I’m surprised that I don’t get a sunburn when I’m around you.
  8. Did you know that your computer can predict the future? Check it out. The U and I on the keyboard are together.
  9. You are making the day look bad. It’s so gorgeous outside today but it’s ugly compared to you.
  10. Hey, I know you don’t even want to start thinking about having kids, but what do you think about practicing a little bit with me?
  11. I hope you breeze through your day because I don’t want anything to hinder from coming back to me.
  12. When you walk into the room, you might as well be walking into my heart.
  13. I may be mistaken, but you look exactly like my new girlfriend.
  14. Can you refer me to any good doctors? My heart starts beating out of my chest every time I see you.
  15. I just bought some chocolate syrup completely on a whim. Can you think of anything we could do with it?
  16. It’s such a nice day outside today. The only thing that could possibly make it better is having you here with me.
  17. I hope you don’t work too hard at work today. You are going to need all the energy you can get later on.
  18. You were so great last night. You just blew my mind. Oh wait, that was just my fantasy.
  19. We might be far apart right now, but all I have to do is close my eyes and you’re right there.
  20. I work for a task force that seeks out the hottest girls in the area and you are number one on the list….. of one.
  21. You remind me of an Elvis song. You are a hunka hunka burnin’ love!
  22. I just took a shower, but every time I talk to you I just want you to come over and get me all dirty again.
  23. You are just like a plane. Every time I get inside you I am up above the clouds for hours.
  24. You are like looking for a unique username on social media. I get frustrated when I can’t get you exactly like I want you.
  25. You should change your name to insomnia because every time I think about you, I have trouble going to sleep.
  26. Have a good night and I hope to see you in your dreams. You will sure be in mine.
  27. I really enjoy being friends with you, but more than friends is what I got my eyeball on.
  28. I am built backwards. I dream about sleeping with you during the day and sleep dreaming about you at night.
  29. I wouldn’t listen to your friends if I were you. Unless they like me then you should listen to every word they say.
  30. I know that time travel isn’t possible because Doc and Marty would have traveled back in time to come get a look at you in person by now.
  31. I don’t always have a thought in my head. But when I do, it’s usually about you.
  32. I need to get a telescope. I’ve been looking at the stars every night and I haven’t found one that burns as bright as you.
  33. Want to play a game with me while I’m lying in bed? We can’t play hide the salami so we’ll just have to improvise.
  34. I think I need a new calculator. I was trying to figure out the number equivalent of how hot you are and I ran out of room.
  35. I was trying to think of a good line to tell you, but all I can think of is how hot you were the last time I saw you and my mind goes blank.
  36. If you see me leering at you from afar the next time you see me, it’s because I’m waiting for that “they looked at each other from across the room” moment.
  37. I just woke up and all I’m thinking about is you. What do you suggest we do about that?
  38. Your legs must be tired. You have been running around in my head all day and night.
  39. I would love to meet your mom and dad sometime. I just have to commend them on what they created.
  40. I am so tired from work today. I am not satisfied unless everything is perfect. I guess that’s why I’m talking to you.
  41. Are you available for the next couple of hours? How about the next couple forevers?
  42. What day were you born again? The universe started with the big bang so there has to be some astronomical event when you came into this world.
  43. I was going to say that I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, but I know I’ll wake up tomorrow and I will.
  44. I used to think that perfection wasn’t possible that everyone in the world had flaws, but you are making me rethink that.
  45. Wow, you look really hot today. I know I haven’t seen you yet today, but I’m sure I’m right anyway.

These flirty messages are surefire ways to either make a girl laugh or want to talk to you. Now, If you’re a bit confuse on how to approach a girl or where to meet one to converse with, just join fling.com. You’ll find plenty of girls of all ages on the website looking to connect with guys.

Tips For Storing Condoms Before Use


I’m going to give you a lesson on storing condoms. If you are using sex dating sites on a daily basis, then there is a good chance you use condoms. In hopes of keeping you from getting STDs or having an unwanted pregnancy, I’m going to give you some pointers when it comes to storing condoms. Condoms are a staple on my adult dating checklist and you need them if you want to be successful at dating.

Tips For Storing Condoms

There are a few places that you should never store your condoms ever. Some of these places are pretty avoidable if you have even just a little bit of smarts in your head.

For starters, if you carry around a man purse or some stupid bag, you’re not going to want to carry it around in there. Reason being, there’s likely a lot of junk in the bag and all that friction can cause issues for the condom.

The same goes for if you’re one of the guys that like to carry it around in their wallet. That thing has been beaten and thrown around more than a shitty amateur boxer. Your wallet is a hot cesspool of germs and keeping your condoms in your wallet wears down the strength. I also advise against carrying them around in your pockets. So many guys switch condoms from pocket to pocket and it’s not going to make the condom any stronger.

Some people actually think that keep condoms in your car glove compartment is a good idea. That care heats up to over 100 degrees on a daily basis. Does that temperature sound like it’s good for anything? I think not.

This is a no brainer but you should never store condoms near any sharp objects. The reason you do not want to do this is for the mere fact that something can easily poke it if not careful. That means sperm will leak through and so can a girl’s vaginal fluids. You don’t want STD’s do you? Then keep your condoms away from sharp objects at all times.

Some people treat their condoms like batteries and store them in the freezer or refrigerator. This is a bone head move. Where the fuck does it say on a box of Trojans to store them in the freezer? Fuck no!

Just do exactly what the box label says to do and store them properly. Any other approach is simply foolish. In fact, unless you want to fuck something up, you shouldn’t do anything other than what you’re advised to do. What you need to realize is that it does not take a rocket scientist to get laid. However, you have to be somewhat smart if you want to stay baby free and disease free. Now if you want to find someone to fuck then you need to join fling.com. That way you can actually put that condom to good use!

How To Prepare For A Blind Sex Date


Even though you are using a dating site to find someone to hook up with, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare. If you’ve met someone and you’re going on a blind sex date, then you need to be very prepared for it. I’ve had some wonderful experiences meeting girls in person after chatting with them online. I’ve also had some bad experiences when I didn’t do my routine prep work. Nowadays, I go to great lengths to prepare for my sex date. Here are some of the things that I do in order to prepare for my blind sex dating experience.

blind sex date preparation

Always Be Prepared

Steps To Prepare You For Blind Sex Date Success

Let me first start by saying that I consider it to be a blind sex date if I’ve never met them in person. It has nothing to do with not physically ever seeing them online. Just wanted to clarify that first and foremost. Here are the steps that you need to take in order to prepare for a successful blind date. Read this shit very carefully!

Know Your Surroundings
Before I go on a blind sex date, I always check out the surroundings where my date is located. For example, sometimes I date girls that live a few miles away. In the event that the girls want to meet me locally by them, I always do extensive research in order to pick a place to meet up.

Pick A Good Spot
Once I’ve done my research, I pick a good spot that typically is within a few blocks radius of a nice hotel. There’s a reason that I take this approach. Most of the time my date and I end up having a number of drinks to loosen up. By the time we’ve sucked down a few drinks my date is ready to go after it. I’ve got pretty good talking game so I typically end up in a hotel 90% of the time. It takes some convincing to get girls to want to go to a hotel and it takes even more convincing to get them to go home with you. Pick a sweet spot that’s close to some places you can go to fuck. Either that or you will end up banging in the back of your car.

Check Hotel Vacancy
Once you’ve secured a good date spot, you need to check the hotels around to make sure they have rooms available. There’s nothing worse than booking a date, getting drunk and not having anywhere to take your date to bang. I always reserve a hotel room with same day cancellation in the event that I don’t need it. I suggest you take the same approach.

Read Her Bio
Do not show up to your date without reading her dating profile bio. Sure, you can get a girl to go out with you just by messaging her but if you want to really impress her then study her bio. Show her that you put some work into the date and that you are genuinely interested in her, even if you simply do not give a fuck about any of that nonsense.

Rubbers and Cash
Hit the local convenience store and ATM before going on your date. You can’t be fooling around with any of that nonsense mid-date. Don’t waste your time doing that. A better approach would be to be prepared for a night of fucking and sucking.

If you haven’t joined a site yet, I suggest you first read my about page and then read my complete review of Fling.

Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Life And Dating Game


I’ve tried to shed some light on how important self-improvement is but some of you just don’t want to listen. I’m going to give you some more easy ways that you can upgrade your life while at the same time improve your dating game.

In the event that you want to step your game up and really improve the way that you portray yourself, just read this and you’ll have all the information you need.

upgrade your life

Ways To Upgrade Your Life And Dating

Here are just a few simple ways that you can upgrade your life. It’s not going to make you a certified stud but it will help improve your overall life. Heck, if you start to listen to me and actaully put forth effort and join fling, you might actually get laid with some help from me.

Wear Invisible Undershirts
If you’re not wearing undershirts or if you’re wearing undershirts that are visible, well, then you’re a douchebag. Get yourself some invisible undershirts to keep your pits dry while at the same time looking sharper than ever.

Dry Clean Only When Necessary
Sure, it’s important to stay clean and crispy but dry cleaning suits every single time you wear them isn’t going to do your expensive clothing any good. Don’t waste your money on this. Instead, only dry clean them a few times per year. If they get wrinkled just get them pressed instead.

Learn About Wine and Beer
Guys who know a lot about good wine and beer get laid more than those that do not. It makes you look smart as fuck and if you don’t know about wine, you’ll look like an idiot. I’ve never seen even a casual sex date go well when the woman knows more about wine than the man.

Nice Clean Shoes
Shoes say so much about a person. If you’re not wearing nice shoes that are shined up then you’re looking like a hobo. There is no middle line here.

Keep Your Fingernails Manicured
Some guys think it’s gay to get a manicure. What I can say is that I’ve never seen a guy with filthy hands getting lucky with a girl he didn’t have to buy. Hot chicks like clean men that take cre of themselves. Short clean fingernails make a difference in life.

Eat A Good Breakfast
A healthy breakfast that consists of high protein can really mean the world for your body. If you’re spending time in the morning preparing breakfast then you might as well spend time eating right. Doing so will give you the energy you need to message all the girls you’ll need to connect with to arrange your fuck dates. You should already be working out if you took my previous advice.

Take some time to meditate and concentrate on things that you want to achieve in life. Living isn’t all about just getting laid. Living is doing many things and experiencing things that matter. Sure, getting a blowjob matters and fucking some random horny girl you just met matters but make sure you look at the big picture and realize that there are many pieces to this puzzle we call life! Good sex just makes it that much better!

Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive


Perhaps you’re not as attractive as you’d like to be. If this is the case, you need to know what you can do if you want to make yourself more attractive to a potential sex partner. I’ll tell you all the quick and easy things that I recommend you do to increase your level of attractiveness.

be more attractive

Four Ways To Instantly Become More Attractive

Here are some of the simplest ways one can increase their attractiveness levels. I’m not going to sugar coat any of this shit either. Brace yourself, I can sound like a real asshole when I’m honest and upfront about things.

Dress Like A Boss

This is the first thing that you need to do if you’re looking to become more attractive. What you wear says an awful lot about you. If you dress like an grub or you’re wearing something that makes you look like an immature high school senior or a college freshman that’s broke. You want to attract girls then you better get yourself a few nice outfits. Most of the extremely successful guys out there dress for success and they put on there best clothes when they go out in public, regardless of the day or event.


If you wish to have every girl hate you or not want to hang out with you then I suggest you walk around with a mean look on your face. Now, if you want to attract sexy girls then you need just smile. Hot girls love guys that smile. Reason being, guys that smile are often in a better mood and are happier than those that don’t. They put good, fun thoughts in the girls minds and as a result they become happier as well.

Drive A Nice Car

Okay, so this one is simple if you have cash or at least enough money to get a lease or rental. Driving a nice care versus a driving a shit box makes you attractive. Well, it doesn’t always make you super attractive but enough of an increase to make some of the girls on the fence to have a bit of interest. I’m not suggest that you spend all your hard earned money on some car. Instead, I suggest that you rent or lease a the nicest car you can afford and take a picture or snap chat while you are in it. Add if to your fling profile so members can view the images.


If you don’t workout yet, then you need to start doing so right now. Working out makes pretty much everyone more physically attractive because it helps you strip that terrible fat from your body that you’ve dealing with for years. I typically suggest working out between 3 and 5 days per week.

These four things will help make you more attractive than ever before. Don’t take them lightly even thought they are relatively simple. Just take some action and you’ll be getting some action from a hot girl very soon.

Official Adult Dating Checklist


Whenever you want to do something successfully, you need to prepare for it . That’s why I created this adult dating checklist. In order to be successful when it comes to adult dating, you need to have a checklist. I’ve personally created this so that you can increase your chances of success while using whatever the fuck site you choose. I’d personally recommend that you try this site first and foremost. You do what you want. Read the list, take notes on it and for gosh sakes take some fucking action!

adult dating checklist

Here’s My Adult Dating Checklist

Bring Condoms

This should sound like a no brainer but you should basically be carrying condoms or have them available at all times! There are chances that come along once in a while where you have the opportunity to fuck a new girl that you connect with online. If you DON’T have that trusty jimmy with you then she might not want to stick your dick inside her. Condoms are a must have and they are practically required if you want to be safe today. Carry them on you at all times.

Clean Underwear

A.B.C. guys! Always be clean, and by clean, I mean always be wearing clean underwear. If you don’t have any underwear that are crispy-clean looking, then I suggest you head to the store to buy some. A fresh pair of underwear impresses girls. What doesn’t impress them are skid marks and holes. Hahaha!


You know you’re going to need to pay for shit so you better have your cash available at all times. Carry no less than $100 on you at all times or you will kick yourself in the ass if not. No one wants to hang around with the guy that doesn’t have any money.

Credit Cards

If you spend all your cash, then you are going to need a backup. Have a credit card handy at all times in the event that you need to book a room at a local hotel or pay for a nice steak dinner.


Guess what, this may come as a shocker but lots of girls use smartphones to connect with local guys. Remain connected to your dating site of choice 24/7 and you increase your chances of getting pussy tenfold. You should be able to sign in to Fling anytime and determine who’s checking out your dating profile.

A Good Excuse

This one isn’t a good one but in the event that you connect with a girl and you don’t like what she had to say or if you know you do  not want to fuck or hookup then you need a great excuse to back out of the deal. Have a few excuses lined up to help keep things smooth with your casual date.

That’s literally the leanest and meanest adult dating checklist that I could come up with.


Best Online Dating Profile Tips You Must Follow


I’m no genius when it comes to dating but I do know how to make an online dating profile that will get you laid faster than ever. There are a few tips that you need to follow if you want to successfully score online and be successful in this dating game. It’s not rocket science and to be honest, it’s not even that difficult at all. You just need to know a few things that I’ve listed below.

best online dating profile

How To Create The Best Online Dating Profile Ever

If you want to succeed in the adult dating world then you need a profile that is so money it can’t be mistaken for anything other than a great time in bed! Read these, understand them and for gosh sakes take some fucking action!

Keep It Real 100%

Don’t start by telling women online what they want to hear. If you want to be successful then you need to keep it real as fuck. Be as spot on real as can be without being too much of a douchebag or creeper because that’s just really unattractive. Most girls that use online dating sites want to hook up with someone and not deal with any long term relationships. If you lie and say you’re looking for Juliet then you’re not going to get anywhere. If you want to simply have a fling with some random local chick then just state that in your profile and be done with it. Simple as that really.

Use A Good Pic

Your profile pic is the backbone of your dating profile. It’s assumed that the photos you are posting are 100% the best versions of you. In the event that someone thinks that the best version of you isn’t good enough then you are not getting your dick sucked by her. Crappy pictures get no play and don’t you ever forget that either!

Awesome Tagline

Taglines are the snippets of text that allow you to write something to share with the people that first see your profile. Often times, you will see something like, “I’m looking for love.” or “I’m so much you need to find out!” Truth is that these are really fucking shitty taglines. Always include something about yourself in the tagline and make it seem like you are so different from everyone else that someone is either going to love you or hate you. I always include my city in the tagline as well.

Fill It Out

If you don’t fill out every single section of your dating profile then you are shooting yourself in the foot. Simple as that really! The best dating profiles and those that get the most action are the profiles that people fill out completely. If there are 7 sections that need to be completed then you complete all of them. There is a reason they have 7 sections. It’s not to cause more work for you. When I joined Fling I filled my profile out as best as possible and it made a huge difference.

Add Tons Of Photos

People that become members of dating sites love to see images of the potential dates that they are about to connect with. Don’t be afraid to share a bunch of photos of you. If you only upload a single picture then you’re doing your profile an injustice. Think of it this way, no one likes social profiles that have nothing on them. Dating profiles are exactly the same.

These tips are enough to help you create the perfect profile. It will help you hook up with more sexy local girls if you follow the directions that I’ve provided. If you don’t, you won’t need to know how to make any girls horny because no girls are going to want to even meet up with you!


Why Working Out Is Important For Having Flings


If you’re on the market and you’re looking for someone to have sex with on a regular basis then you need to be fit enough to handle the physical requirement that these flings often require. I’m going to give you a few solid ideas as to why working out is super important if you want to have a lot of flings. Take notes and read this twice because it will make a ton of sense I promise!

working out gets your flings

Working Out Matters  When It Comes To Having Flings

Here are a few reasons why working out matters if you want to hook up with horny girls and have a successful dating life.

Women Like Abs

Most women like abs. In fact, they love six pack abs and if you have them then there’s a good chance that you’ll have far better luck dating than others that don’t have them. It’s a known fact that guys in great shape get laid more. Physical attraction is something that we all have towards one another.

You Need To Be Fit To Fuck

If you want to fuck like a champ and have incredible success online then you need to be fit enough to do so. That typically requires working out five days per week. People that are physically fit have more stamina in the bedroom and it works to their advantage for sure.

Meet More Girls

Gym’s and yoga studios are great places to meet women. Lots of single women hang out in these places because they want to get in shape for themselves as well as in hopes of looking more attractive. If you’re trying to meet single slutty girls then you might want to start by snooping around the cardio section of your gym. I do a ton of cardio and I do it to burn fat and also to stare at all the hot girls wearing yoga pants.

You Need That Confidence

Guys that work out are far more  confident than those who do not. If you want to be a player in the fling game then you absolutely need to be confident enough to score with girls online. I’m not suggesting that you act like a king shit bad ass douche bag, but be confident in what you do and how you do it. If you meet a girl, make sure she knows that you’re not afraid to ask her out on a date. Actually, just fucking ask her out already. If you’re contemplating it then you’re taking too much time thinking about it.

Those four reasons alone are enough for you to be at the gym working out right now instead of reading this post. I strongly suggest that you put forth the effort to get in shape if you want to have a lot of flings!