How To Make Her Your Girlfriend


Are you the type that likes to shoot for something more when it comes to girls? If so, you’re not alone as there are plenty of guys that want a girlfriend and not just a fling. If you’re confused about both, then you might want to take some time to digest some information on my blog. Most guys should know that attracting a girl and getting her to fall for you are two entirely different things. The initial attraction is primal and it must happen for you to have a chance to win her over. Once you have drawn her in, you need to make the right moves to show her that you are a keeper. That’s exactly why I’m sharing the typical moves you’ll need to make should you want to make her more than just a quick bang you meet on Fuckbook at your beckoning call.

How To Make Her Your Girlfriend

Want A Girlfriend? Then Be Sure To Do These Things…

You’ve got your work cut out for you if you want to seal the deal and get a girl to want you. Well, get her to want you enough to want to be your girlfriend. Here are ten moves to make if you want her to be your girlfriend.

  1. You’ve gotta chase, so don’t be afraid  – Don’t be too proud because that’ll bite you in your ass! If you want her, go after her. Girls want to be pursued and they expect it to be honest. They want to feel wanted and sought after. If she’s not interested, back off.
  2. Treat her with dignity and respect – Treat her like she deserves to be treated. Respect her desires without losing sight of your own. Make her feel like a goddess and she will respond.
  3. Tell her you’re attracted – Be sure to compliment her a lot on both her attractiveness and her personality. Show her that you want her for more than just a friend.
  4. Don’t be afraid to think freely – Girls don’t want to feel like you are trying all the same things you try on all the girls. React to her and what she wants without following certain guidelines. Be spontaneous.
  5. You must keep her busy (most of the time) – She may not figure out that you are a keeper right away. She may need some time to get to know you first. Make sure that happens by inviting her out with you and your friends and have fun together without expectations.
  6. Talk about how much you like her – Don’t just compliment her when you’re alone. Compliment her and say romantic things while people are around too. Show her that you are proud to be with her.
  7. Be sure to watch out for her – Chivalry is not dead. Girls appreciate it. Show her that you are looking out for her best interests. Walk her to her car after a date. Show her you are there for her and make her feel safe.
  8. Pay (close) attention to her– Listen to the things she talks about and understand what’s important to her. Bringing up little things that she told you in passing will show her that you are emotionally invested in her.
  9. Show interest and talk to her about her life – Don’t just talk about yourself. Talk about her too and ask questions. Take an interest in her life and what she feels passionate about.
  10. Make her swoon or just be charming – If you think of something romantic to say or do for her, do it. Show her that you want something more than just a fling. Turn on the charm and woo her until she can’t resist you.

Most people out there reading this likely won’t want anything like this. They’ll just want someone to hook up with. However, it’s my job to share what I know and provide intel into all aspects of dating and hooking up, even the serious aspect of doing so. If you want a girlfriend, you can definitely make that happen. If not, then you can simply bang a girl you meet on the secret sex network I use. Whatever you do, be sure to take some action one way or another!

Make Your Ex Want You Back In A Real Bad Way


While I typically like to give advice on blossoming new hookup relationships, I still like to share some input with regards to getting ex’s back in your life. Some people like to have booty calls with ex-girlfriends and there are a few things that you can do to help improve your chances of that happening. Good news for you is that I’m a professional in the department. Here’s everything that you need to know if you want your ex back in your life.

psychological tips to get your ex back

Tips For Making Your Ex Want You Again

Sure, your ex may or may not regret breaking up with you. You can worry about that at this stage of the game. However, there are some things you can do to get her to want you once again. Here’s a quick rundown of a few key things that you can use to your advantage.

Reverse Psychology Works

One thing you need to do is make it a point to make it seem like you don’t give a crap about your ex and their life. If you look sad, act sad, and even worse, act desperate enough to want to get back with them, it’ll never happen.

It actually works to your advantage to play as if you give zero fucks about her and her well-being. However, don’t be the guy that acts completely rude about things. That’ll just leave a bad taste in her mouth if you are completely rude.

Look and Feel Happy

Want to make them want you more, then you need to look and feel happy as a clam. This is another psychological approach that you’ll want to implement. If you look depressed, stressed or anything of that nature, then it’s not going to work to your advantage. Be happy on the outside and show that to the rest of the world. Your ex will think you’re doing great if you do!

Dress Like A Champ

Connor McGregor dresses like a boss and a champion because it makes him feel more like one. You need to take the same approach to life. Make sure you look fresh and that your clothes have you looking like a boss. When your ex sees you looking dapper and fresh, she’ll get turned on and want you more.

Zero Contact

As bad as you likely want to connect and contact them, do not do it. Refrain from sending a text that says you’re sorry about things too. The reach out can completely ruin all your chances of hooking up within seconds of doing so. It can even make you look absolutely crazy, so please do your best to not reach out to them.

Mood Adjustments

You’ll want to try and alter the mood and attitude that an ex has towards you. How do you do that? Well, it’s actually pretty simple to achieve this. Just be sure to never raise any issues that you two may have had in the past and don’t mention anything about the breakup. If you do, bring up only really funny or fantastic times that you’ve had with one another.


Trust me, doing all of these things can help you get your ex back or any least get them thinking that you’re a badass and worth banging on the side. Afterall, if you can find a way to solidify the bootycall with a dirty ex and keep dating local sluts online, then you’ve hit the jackpot, my friend.

Big Boobs Aren’t Always Number One (For These Reasons)


Sometimes I go for women with big breasts when I’m searching for online bootycalls, but not all the time. Now, I know what many guys must be thinking when they see the title to this article. They probably think that big boobs are always the best and the bigger, the better. This is true, to an extent, but big breasts aren’t great just because they’re big. They must have other qualities if they hope to be ranked among the best. I’m sure that, after you read this article, you will quickly realize that size isn’t something that really matters.

big boobs meme

Big Boobs Are Not The Best (Find Out Why)

Before I get too far into the discussion, I should say what I consider to be “big boobs.” In my personal and highly experienced opinion, big constitutes as D cup size or larger. Once you get over a D cup, you must consider the shape of the rest of the body.

Most of the time, when a woman’s breasts are larger than a D, they contain a lot of body fat. If body fat is deposited in the breasts, it is likely that large amounts of fat are deposited in other parts of her body as well. Yes, I’m saying that she might be a bit heavy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that if you’re into that type of woman. Most women who maintain large breasts and a thin body turn to fake breasts to keep them large. Very few will be a natural wonder with big, beefy tits and a small waist.

A set of nice, firm tits with some size can be much better than an enormous set that you could smother in. Big tits are definitely more fun than small ones, but you can have just as good of a time with tits that are well shaped and perky than you can with tits that are only nice because they’re large. I feel that big breasts are a bit overrated and some guys focus so much on them that they miss out on those that are much nicer but come in a slightly smaller package. Think about it, what if a woman responded the same way to a guys package? It’s not okay to judge a book by its cover so don’t.

A major complaint that a lot of women have, who are trying to lose weight and stay healthy and tone, is that losing weight causes them to lose boob size. Don’t worry so much about that. Your breasts will always adjust to the appropriate size for your body. Just because they get smaller, does not mean that you are becoming less sexy or desirable. You will still have large breasts compared to your frame and guys will appreciate that you have the full package rather than just a set of big tits.

Think about it. Why is it so important to be with a woman with large breasts? They don’t serve any additional function in the bedroom and they are not the only desirable part of a woman’s body. Wouldn’t you much rather be with a woman with nice tits that are in proportion with her nice body than a woman with giant cans, but not much else that is particularly attractive or desirable? If you manage your expectations of big breasts, you’ll probably end up with a better and more satisfying sex life overall. Don’t simply scour the Internet for an online dating profile showcasing huge juggs. The smaller boobs might lead to a better hookup and dating experience.

Tattoo Tips and Dating: When They’re Worth Getting And When To Stay Away


I’m a huge fan of tattoos, but only when you get the right one. Tattoos are not a simple decision for anyone and the decision to get a tattoo should not be taken lightly, whether you are a man or a woman. A poorly placed or poorly designed tattoo can have the opposite effect that you are going for. In fact, it can dissuade potential partners rather than attract them.

A lot of girls are into guys with tattoos and vice versa, but no one likes tattoos just because you have them. They like when they look good and don’t look out of place. Here are some examples, for both men and women, of tattoos that are cool and some that are turn-offs. I know what you’re thinking. This is a dating blog so why am I writing about tattoos. Well, it makes a difference when it comes to finding someone to hook up with.

Bad Tattoos

Tattoo Advice For Those Actively Dating

Below I’ve covered a few different situations and scenarios that you’ll want to review before getting a tattoo. These tattoo dos and don’ts are just what you need to know if you’re looking to get a tattoo and you’re actively dating today. Truth is, if you’re just out there looking to have NSA relationships with locals, then it doesn’t really matter.

Tips For Men

When They Are Cool

Patriotic tattoos can be cool if they are small and artistic. A flag is a good bet or a famous quote from history that you connect with.
Not getting a tattoo is an option that is much better than getting a bad one.
If you are or were in the military, military tattoos are always cool.
Get a tattoo that you can’t see at work, but you can see when you go out or get intimate with someone.
Be sure to get one that means something to you and not just from the book.
It’s also important that you get it completed by a good artist, no matter how small or simple.

When They Look Stupid

Big tattoos. If you cover large areas, be sure it’s consistent.
Face tattoos will either make you look deranged or like a criminal.
Never, under any circumstances, get a tattoo of your girl’s name on your body.
Do not think about getting a tramp stamp.
Avoid tattoos of people’s faces. It rarely looks good and the artist must be phenomenal.

Simple as that guys. If you’re looking to get a tattoo, then follow these rules and you’ll be fine. Remember, a tattoo is for life so it’s a commitment that you need to make and not just a fad or phase that you go through.

Tips For Women

When They Are Cool

Small, inconspicuous pieces are awesome. Showing them off is a great, subtle way to flirt.
Body ink behind your ear or on your ankles can be sexy.
Butterflies rock! They’re colorful and cute without being cheesy.
Get one just below your waistline and let it peek out.

When They Look Stupid

Don’t get anything trivial or cheesy. Put thought into it.
Don’t scatter small tattoos across your entire body. Make a plan for your ink and execute it.
No matter how much you like Harley Quinn, don’t tattoo “Daddy’s Little Monster” anywhere on your body.
Never, under any circumstances, get a tattoo of your man’s name on your body.

I love tattoos on women when they are the right placement and type. This can be a huge turn on for many men as it makes them look sexier in my opinion. If you do decide to get one, be sure to mention that you have them in your dating profile and even show them off in your profile pic.

Things Married Women Must Have (Attributes & Characteristics)


Before reading this article, you should realize that this is not meant to down talk women and make them adhere to certain rules. In fact, I love it when women break the rules, especially when it comes to having sex with guys other than their husbands, lol. While we know that most men don’t have to adhere to anything, it’s important that women do their best to adhere to certain things.

There are certain attributes that every husband should have as well. Men are far from perfect. This is a guide to help women realize the fundamentals of being married and to help men realize what a good wife is and, no matter what sex we are, we should expect the best. If not the best, at least someone who grasps the fundamentals.

married woman characteristics

Married Women Should Possess The Following Qualities!

She has something she’s passionate about. I don’t care if it’s sex or strange dick, every wife should have some sort of passion or purpose. Something that drives them. She should be confident in her goals and aspirations in her life. If she’s not, then she might not be the best fitting wife.

She has respect for things you are passionate about. It’s not enough for her to be passionate about something. She must have respect for your goals and aspirations too and you should support each other.

Her influence helps you look and feel better. Everyone is going to change when they have a significant other. If she’s a good partner, you will both help each other change for the better.

She has integrity. If you don’t think she has integrity, you shouldn’t be with her. You must be able to trust her and her integrity should inspire you to be a man she can trust as well. Again, I’m all for women that cheat on their husbands as I love hooking up with cheating women. However, it’s important that I still lay the foundation the way it should be done and not any other way.

She thinks about others besides herself. It’s customary that she has compassion for others and not be selfish or greedy. She shouldn’t be rude to others or willfully hurt people’s feelings. A nurturing wife is the best.

She takes pride in her appearance. No one wants an ugly unimpressive looking wifey. She shouldn’t have to be a beauty queen or stay in top shape at all times, but she should make an effort to look good. That goes for herself and for you and you should do the same. I always hit the gym and try to stay in tip top shape because I know women will be flocking to fuck me once they see this six-pack.

She’s at least as clever as you. Your wife should always challenge you mentally. This goes for not putting up with your crap and not being manipulated. A good wife will keep you on your toes.

She’s not a fair-weather wife. You should not have a wife that bails on you or shuts down when things get rough. Things could get complicated in life and she needs to handle it with grace.

She takes care of business. If she is going to be a good life partner, she needs to be good at handling her business. Both of you should know when to play and when to work.

She’s close to the people you are close to. If she doesn’t get along with your family and friends, it’s not going to last. You will end up having to give up one or the other and you shouldn’t have to.

All that being said, I wanted to make a point to share that I don’t think wives need to be faithful especially while I’m single. If you’re using this website or any other “fling” style dating network, then do yourself a solid and try to connect with some lonely wife. Chances are she’ll fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before in your life. Married women are my favorite and that’s one fo the many reasons why! LOL

How To Get Over A Breakup Quickly


If you’re new to the online dating scene, then it’s possible that you’re struggling with getting over some sort of a breakup. The truth is that breakups really suck and they can be very difficult to get over. However, there’s a fast way to get over them if you do a few things. Yes, you’re going to have to take some action here but that’s something you’ll need to do anyway so you might as well do the right things.

I’m going to share a few tried and true tips with you that I’ve personally used to help get over a breakup in the past and move on to better things.

How To Get Over A Breakup

Tips For Getting Over A Breakup

These simple tips helped me get over a relationship that I had with a local girl I dated for years. Here are some of the things that you’ll need to do if you want to kick things into high gear and free yourself from the pain of being broken up with someone.

Feel Whatever You Want (At First)

The first thing you’ll want to do is feel whatever it is that you’d like to feel in the beginning. It’s healthy to be a bit emotional and you’re going to need to get over that so get it out of your system now. Understand that things don’t always work out the way that you’d like them to and chalk things up as that.

Stop Regretting Everything

Don’t even try to determine what happened. The other thing you want to avoid is regretting things that happened. Things may have been great at times and terrible at other times. Whatever it may be, don’t regret anything or you’ll be wasting time and energy.

Don’t Rebound

It’s perfectly fine to find someone to hookup with that might be able to help you out with a bang here or there, but don’t rebound into a serious relationship again. That’s a really bad idea that’s going to cost you a lot of emotional pain. You’ve just called it quits from a serious relationship, no need to get right back into one again.

Disconnect Socially

I always suggest that people disconnect from their ex’s social media accounts. Yes, that included Facebook too! You don’t need to be stalking people online or making them think that you care about what it is that they’re doing with their life in general. Just don’t do it. Get rid of all the photos, personal objects and anything else that helps you remind them that you were once together.

Cut Ties

I always suggest that you cut ties from them and any mutual friends for a short period of time. This gives you ample time to work on your relationship with you and avoid having to deal with any ties that you might have with the other person. It will make you feel so much better if you do.

Get Working On You

There’s a good chance you feel like absolute shit about yourself right now. My advice would be to get in the gym and start working out. Begin to work on yourself and every aspect that you can think of about yourself. I have a solid routine that keeps me in tip top shape and I suggest that you begin to do something for yourself by getting into a healthy everyday ritual.

Use A Casual Site

You’ll want to reintroduce yourself on a casual dating site as it’s going to help allow you to connect with new people looking to hookup. Waste no time in doing this and you’ll eventually be hooking up with some random women in no time! Go ahead and have yourself some booty calls just to help get yourself back in the game.

Related article: Reasons I Love Bootycalls

That’s everything that you need to know if you want to quickly get over a tough breakup. If I were you, I’d take my advice and see what happens. You’ve got nothing to lose by doing so.

Things That Make Women Want Sex (Even More)


What makes a woman want to bang? That’s the million dollar question that I’ve been trying to answer for years. The good news is that I’ve finally been able to answer that question. Getting a woman to have sex with you is one thing, but making her want to have more sex is a whole other ball game.

If she isn’t fully satisfied the first time, she will be less inclined to want to bang you again. Luckily, there are things you can do to make her want it just as much as you do. Follow the tips below if you want to please a woman enough to make her want to go another round. Better yet, perhaps she’ll want it regularly if you do things right!

What Makes Women Want More Sex

Simple Things That Make Women Want To Have Sex (Again)

These “things” are not listed in any particular order. In fact, you may pick and choose whichever you feel are most fitting based on your particular situation. That said, they all are helpful in getting a woman to want to bang more.

Lots of kissing – She wants deep and passionate kissing. The more you kiss her, the more aroused she will become. Don’t rush through the kissing to get to the banging, it may backfire if you work too quickly.

Kissing and breathing on her neck and ears – Extend the kissing to her neck and nibble on her ears. If you give her chills and make her nipples hard, she will be turned on. Remember, making her horny is your job and if you suck at your job, you’ll eventually get fired.

Eye contact during penetration – Looking into her eyes as you penetrate her will compound her arousal and she will instantly move closer to orgasm.

Taking it slow – Move slow and tease her a lot during foreplay. Don’t let her reach peak arousal too early. Prolong her pleasure and she will have deeper and more satisfying orgasms.

Playing with her tits – Her tits are sensitive. Touching them and kissing them during foreplay and sex will compound her ecstasy and make her want more.

Long-lasting oral sex – Deep orgasms are about patience. Don’t be afraid of spending a long time down there. She needs more time to reach her peak. In fact, I’ve never met a girl that didn’t like oral sex. Not a single one.

Clitoral and vaginal orgasms – This is really vagina 101 but since it’s applicable I’ll share it. Stimulate her clit with your fingers and tongue until she has an orgasm then give her a more intense vaginal orgasm by stimulating her G-spot.

Turning their man on – Women love when you show them how turned on you are by them. Seeing you lose control and have a full release arouses her and makes her want you more.

Being deeply penetrated – Slow and deep penetration building to pulses of energy through her entire body will make her want to feel that repeatedly. If you just drill her like a jackhammer in two minutes then you’ll be left in the dust. Trust me on that one!

Telling her how much she arouses you – When you talk to her during sex and let her know what an arousing and sultry goddess she is will add to her arousal. I know, I sound like a complete dork but it’s the honest to god truth.

Ravaging her now and then – She usually wants to take it slow, but don’t be afraid to ravage her now and then and have a passionate quickie.

The cowgirl position – Letting her take a ride now and then and control her own arousal will add to the reasons that she craves sex.

Orgasms and a lot of them – Nothing makes her want sex more than giving her repeated orgasms. Don’t stop at one. After her first one, subsequent orgasms come faster and stronger.

Cuddling after sex – Sex isn’t over after you both have orgasms. Share in that time of ecstasy and release and she will look forward to doing it again. Truth be told, I hate this part of it but I’m willing to do it just to get laid more.

Those are all the things that I personally recommend if you want to get laid more. Sure, it’ll take some work but it’s not that difficult, to be honest. Just put forth the effort and you’ll be banging more in no time. These things apply whether you’re hooking up with someone you smash on the regular or if you’re just having a one-night fling. The same rules apply so don’t think you’re exempt from them.

Why Bald Men Are Considered Sexier Than Ever


Today’s update is for the guys that are lacking in the hair department. Oftentimes, they are down in the dumps because they’re balding. Well, I’ve been doing some research and I’m here to say that today, most women think bald guys are hotter than they’ve ever been.

There was a time when one of the biggest fears men had was going bald. It’s an inevitable sign of aging for a lot of guys. To some, it meant that they were losing their virility and that they weren’t going to be considered sexy anymore. What a bunch of nonsense all that noise was. This was all in their heads because they were afraid of how society, and the opposite sex, would perceive them. Well, times have changed for sure!

reasons girls like bald men

Fact: Women Love Bald Men Today, Here Are The Facts…

Thanks to stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, and others, bald men aren’t automatically considered unattractive. Instead of constantly maintaining that comb-over as they slowly lose their hair, some men are shaving it all off and enjoying a few more years of feeling sexy.

According to statistics, over half of the men on this planet lose a large amount hair by the time they turn 35. Also, over 80% of men lose their hair by the age of 55. It looks like a lot of you are going to have to accept that it’s going to happen. Look, just rejoice that we are living in a society where a bald man can be considered sexy.

Think of the money you’ll save on hair growth products that may not even work. Think of the time and humiliation you will save by having a sleek, bald head instead of a tacky and time-consuming comb-over. If you’re using any type of hookup service, then make sure you shave your head and show it off if you’re sporting that god awful comb-over!

Here are a couple of other fun-filled facts for you. Not only are bald men considered more attractive than they have been in the past, they are considered smarter too. Studies were conducted where female participants were asked to rate men by how attractive, dominant, or socially mature they were. The participants perceived bald men as more trustworthy, intelligent, and bold. Men with hair had an advantage in the area of handsomeness, but it was only a slight advantage and was pretty close to being even.

Since bald men are perceived as more intelligent and confident, your chances with the ladies might be good. The only trait that is sometimes more important to women than looks is confidence. Another reason the perceived dominance of bald men makes them more attractive is that their dominance is considered dignified.

Too many guys think that being macho and having a full head of hair means that every woman they approach is going to want them, but bald men have the advantage of projecting a more endearing type of confidence.

If you’re stressing out because of a receding hairline, don’t think that your sex life is over. Look at it as a chance to take advantage of the perception of many and turn it into a positive. Being aware that losing your hair is not the end of your dating life. So long as you’re a confident guy, you can have a great sex life and dating life. That holds true especially if you’re using the right adult dating sites out there.

Here’s How To Quit Porn For Good!


Look, if you’re using an adult dating site like Fling or one of the other casual hookup sites, there’s a good chance that you’ve been watching your fair share of porn. Whether or not you agree with the concept of porn, a lot of people watch it. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with a little porno clip watching every now and then. I know many guys and girls who openly watch it from time to time, including myself. We are all sexual beings.

Let’s face it, someone isn’t always available to satisfy our urges and on certain occasions, adult content can provide a much-needed release. That being said, there comes a time when overkill can be damaging to you mentally and affect your sexual performance. Too much porn causes a dependence which takes a while to recover from. If you find yourself in a situation where porn has consumed your life and is adversely affecting you; there are things you can do to manage your addiction.

Tips To Help You Quit Watching Porn

Quit Porn By Doing The Following Things…

Here are some of the simplest forms of action that you can take if you truly wish to quit watching porn. Before I share them, I want to make it clear that adult dating sites and porn sites are two completely separate types of websites. There’s no reason for you to discontinue using casual sex sites, trust me on that.

Change Your Habits – When you stop watching porn abruptly; your body and mind are going to resist and you must be prepared for it. After the initial withdrawals, you may experience loss of interest in all sexual activity. This will pass.

Release Porn’s Hold Over You – Identify the things that trigger your need to look at pornography. If you are consciously aware of them, they will have less power over you. If you find yourself alone with your computer, get up and watch some television before you start feeling the urge.

Change The Way You Look At Yourself – This is simpler than it sounds. If you are the type of guy that watches adult content regularly, it affects how you see yourself. Make an effort to be the type of guy that doesn’t watch porn.

Identify The Why – If you watch porn because you crave sex, watching it excessively is not going to help you find sex in real life. You’ll be more likely to go out and seek it if you don’t have that constant release. If depression is the culprit, overuse will only make it worse.

Manage Your Weakness – Accept that you are going to slip and have moments of weakness. Refrain from being angry at yourself or you’ll slip right back into it. Accept that you’re not perfect and do the best you can.

Longer You Resist, The More Will Power – If you have moments of weakness, challenge yourself to go longer between them. It will get easier to refrain longer each time.

Delete Everything Local – Even if you make yourself stop looking for porn, you may be drawn to your porn folder for a fix. If this becomes a problem, delete it altogether. It will be difficult, but it’s a huge gesture toward recovery.

Spend Energy On Other Things – Occupy the time you would normally spend on artificial gratification with other things that you enjoy. Engage in a hobby you haven’t done in a while, visit some friends that you haven’t seen in a while, or just take a walk.

Once you’re over watching all that porn, you can spend time chasing university girls looking to bang. I’ve been doing just the same on my own daily.