Cheekylovers Review: Don’t Believe The Hype!

Sometimes I venture out and try something different. That’s exactly what I did when I joined It’s one of the many dating websites that you’ll want to avoid. I failed to read the terms and conditions of CheekyLovers before joining the network. Soon after, I dove into all of it and learned the ins and outs of all the things they do to scam users.

I’d like to share that the Together Networks Limited is behind this website. They do everything that you can imagine to take advantage of the horny consumer. It all starts with using the thong panties in the logo to attract gullible men. Read my review and learn all about this dating site.

Cheekylovers Reviews

CheekyLovers Scam Revealed Below

Now, I’m going about writing this review taking a different approach this week. This time I’m coming right out and sharing why I think it’s a total scam. Point blank, you get a ton of emails from women that seem to be interested in you.

Guess what?

They aren’t interested, it’s all a scam.

You also get pop up messages when browsing the site within the members’ area.

The Process Revealed

Once you’ve taken the time to register for Cheekylovers and you get logged into the network, you immediately begin receiving messages and popups from lots of women on the site. The kicker is that none of these women really interested in connecting with you.

When they send you tons of messages when you haven’t even completely filled out your profile, added a photo, or provided any information. This is one of the classic dating network scams that take place today. It involves automated computer scripts, fake members and more.

The end goal? To get you to spend money and upgrade your membership to premium status.

Messages To Free Users

The website does a great job of sending email messages to free users. The emails state exactly what you think they state. They are messages from girls that “want to meet you” and are “looking for sex.”

It’s a typical con to get you to spend money, that’s it.

They Create Profiles

The main thing that I really hate about Cheekylovers is that they create fake female profiles on the site. Lots of the profiles on are fake. Sure, they have real profiles, but so many are fake that it’s insane and quite frankly absurd if you ask me.

Looking to cancel? Then you’re not the only one. Shoot them an email at and ask for a refund.

Conclusion: CheekyLovers Does Not Work, Avoid It.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and verified winner when it comes to dating, then you need to avoid the website. It’s not going to work for you and it doesn’t work for me. The Together Networks Ltd websites are a waste of time, period. If you’re using any websites that come out and admit to using fake profiles, contracted workers, instant messaging that’s auto and more? Then you’re going to find yourself up against the wall and in big trouble.

Looking for a winner? Then try this site here.