Craigshookup Review Reveals Redirect Scam

It’s been a long week and I’m not in a good mood. That’s bad news for Craigshookup considering I’m doing a review on the site today. It’s about as awful as it gets to be honest! I’m hungover and in a bad mood so sorry but you’re screwed!

craigshookup warning

Craigshookup Is Awful, Learn Why Now!

Craigshookup is nothing more than a clone of Craigslist, and you shouldn’t need to know anything more than that to stay away from it. Anytime that you see a place that’s too lazy to make its own design, you can rest assured that they’re also way too lazy to actually have anything real to offer you. No legitimate site out there would rip off the design from another place and try to convince you that they’re something that they’re not. The decision to rip them off isn’t a mistake at all. They want you to believe that you’re on Craigslist because they know that it’s a popular site that a lot of people trust. If that’s the place that you wanted to be in the first place, Craigshookup is not the way to get there.

They’re in no way affiliated with Craigslist, but that’s exactly what they want you to think. Always keep in mind that the real site is going to be free to use. That’s because it has something to offer, and the scam does not. The scam is going to try to get your money from you as easily as it possibly can. This site, in particular, will never rest in its attempts to convince you that you need to upgrade your profile to a paid one, in order to use it properly.

If they had anything of use to offer, then this would never be necessary. They would simply be able to survive on the product that they have. That’s not the case here and it’s more than enough evidence than you need to know that you should be staying far away from this place. It’s going to try to get you in any way that it can and you’ll be left with nothing but a lighter bank account.

If the site itself doesn’t convince you to hand over your cash, then there are always the actual ads on it that are posted by other people all over the internet. There are no hoops to jump through before you post, so it’s extremely easy to put up something harmful. People are essentially free to add their own scams to the site that’s already trying to scam you. No matter how many of them you can avoid, you’re always going to run into one that you can’t get away from. It’s not worth your safety to bother with this place.

No matter how many different ways you look at this place, you’re always going to find a way that they’re trying to scam you. No matter how good you are at spotting them from a distance, someone on this place will get you. There are way too many people on it who are trying to separate you from your money.

From the partnered sites to this site itself, and even on to the people who post on it, there’s nothing but scam after scam here and you’ll end up being a part of one of them. Stay far away, just join this site here and you’ll have nothing to worry about.