Dick In A Box: Does It Really Work On Christmas? YES!


Sometimes I go out of my way to do out of this world things. Yes, I do things that most people would not ever dare doing. One of those things is the old “dick in a box” trick. I actually attempted to do it last holiday season and believe it or not, it actually got me laid!

Now before I go over the exact steps that I took in order to get laid using what I’ve termed the DIB approach, I want you to know one thing…

I didn’t just do this for any random girl I met on eHarmony or Tinder. Nope, that would likely get me arrested. Instead, I did this for a girl that I knew wanted some D and she took it like a champ.

Enough about my D slinging skills though. I know that you want to know how I do it, so I’ll share everything with you now.

Dick In A Box Christmas Tips

How I Score Around Christmas With The Dick In A Box Trick

The first thing that you need to know is that I honestly don’t get any other presents for any girls other than this. It seems to work every year since I’ve done it and since then, I have opted to not switch anything up about my technique.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you’ve either got a girl or mature woman in your life that’s down for some filthy fun or you need to find one. If you need to find one, then take a close look at this site here. It’s where all the dirty girls on the naughty list hang out.

Now, once you’ve got a girl to exchange gifts with, you’ll want to head on over to this one special store called CVS. They’ll have everything you need to make this custom dick in a box gift.

Find a decent size box at the store and buy it. You’ll also need some wrapping paper, scissors, and some duct tape.

Cut a hole in the box big enough so that your dick and balls both fit in the box. Try the box on and make sure it’s a comfortable fit. In the event that it’s not, then you’ll need to remove some more cardboard to make the hole bigger.

The next step is to apply duct tape around the edges of the hole. This will ensure that you don’t get any paper cuts on your dick. Yes, it happens so this is very important to remember!

Once you’re comfortable with the box, you’ll want to wrap it using some nice Christmas wrapping paper.

Meet up with that girl that you connected with using the trusty casual hookup site. Give her a nice gift that you’ve worked hard on and she’ll be surprised when you give her the dick in a box this Christmas!

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