At my lifewithflings.com site, all the experiences that I disclosed to you happened to me and are my personal experiences. I stated that I’ve had a ton of dating success since joining the site and that I wanted to create this blog to give back to the world. I honestly didn’t expect the site to become so popular. However, now that it has, I need to cover my ass from a legal perspective.

That said, I’ll continue to share all my awesome experiences using Fling, but I need to you understand that if you decided to join, that you need to use your best judgment when doing so. I encourage you to strongly use protection when having sex with strangers. If you meet someone online, always proceed with caution. If you agree to do all of the above, then you should stop whatever it is that you’re doing, visit the index page and read my personal review that I’ve shared. If you like fast living in an American Psycho type fashion (without the brutality) then you’ll love this shit!