Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Life And Dating Game


I’ve tried to shed some light on how important self-improvement is but some of you just don’t want to listen. I’m going to give you some more easy ways that you can upgrade your life while at the same time improve your dating game.

In the event that you want to step your game up and really improve the way that you portray yourself, just read this and you’ll have all the information you need.

upgrade your life

Ways To Upgrade Your Life And Dating

Here are just a few simple ways that you can upgrade your life. It’s not going to make you a certified stud but it will help improve your overall life. Heck, if you start to listen to me and actaully put forth effort and join fling, you might actually get laid with some help from me.

Wear Invisible Undershirts
If you’re not wearing undershirts or if you’re wearing undershirts that are visible, well, then you’re a douchebag. Get yourself some invisible undershirts to keep your pits dry while at the same time looking sharper than ever.

Dry Clean Only When Necessary
Sure, it’s important to stay clean and crispy but dry cleaning suits every single time you wear them isn’t going to do your expensive clothing any good. Don’t waste your money on this. Instead, only dry clean them a few times per year. If they get wrinkled just get them pressed instead.

Learn About Wine and Beer
Guys who know a lot about good wine and beer get laid more than those that do not. It makes you look smart as fuck and if you don’t know about wine, you’ll look like an idiot. I’ve never seen even a casual sex date go well when the woman knows more about wine than the man.

Nice Clean Shoes
Shoes say so much about a person. If you’re not wearing nice shoes that are shined up then you’re looking like a hobo. There is no middle line here.

Keep Your Fingernails Manicured
Some guys think it’s gay to get a manicure. What I can say is that I’ve never seen a guy with filthy hands getting lucky with a girl he didn’t have to buy. Hot chicks like clean men that take cre of themselves. Short clean fingernails make a difference in life.

Eat A Good Breakfast
A healthy breakfast that consists of high protein can really mean the world for your body. If you’re spending time in the morning preparing breakfast then you might as well spend time eating right. Doing so will give you the energy you need to message all the girls you’ll need to connect with to arrange your fuck dates. You should already be working out if you took my previous advice.

Take some time to meditate and concentrate on things that you want to achieve in life. Living isn’t all about just getting laid. Living is doing many things and experiencing things that matter. Sure, getting a blowjob matters and fucking some random horny girl you just met matters but make sure you look at the big picture and realize that there are many pieces to this puzzle we call life! Good sex just makes it that much better!

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