Fbook Hookups Review: Real Sex, Real Hookups? Really!

Are you interested in using one of the many hookup sites out there? Of course, you are and that’s the main reason why you’re reading this review. I’m sharing what I know about FbookHookups and everything that I feel is necessary in order to assist you in making a sound decision to join or not. What you need to realize is that this site is something that I at first wanted to love but just couldn’t. You’ll learn why just keep reading to understand more.

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Fbookhookups.com Review – Why I Suggest Passing On It

FBookHookups is a decent site, but there just doesn’t seem to be any reason to join it. It turns out that it’s just an extension of the Adult Friend Finder Network. The user base is exactly the same and you’ll have access to all of the same features. There’s nothing wrong with signing up for it, but it seems to make more sense to simply join AFF and go from there. If you make yourself part of the network, then you’ll have access to everything that this place offers, plus much more. This is more of a middleman. Why do that when you can just go direct.

UX and UI Feedback

The site itself is fine. The design is good and you can easily make your way around it. If you’ve ever been on any of the AFF sites, then you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. It has millions of members all over the world and they’re always interested in hooking up with new people.

After all, that’s why they took the time to sign up and get themselves in. As long as you’re serious about getting together with someone, this is a great way for you to try and do it with minimal effort.

Registration Process

Signing up is very fast and easy. All you need is a valid email address and you’re off and running. Fill out your information and let them know which gender you’re into and that’s it. You’ll get a confirmation email and the entire process is complete. You don’t have to complete your profile until you feel like it.

That’s a huge time saver if you’re the type of person who likes to check things out before you dedicate too much time or energy to them. You won’t have to spend hours writing about yourself only to decide that it’s not for you.

Lots To Do

The site has been around for a while and there are a ton of people who use it. They’re very active and they love to take advantage of all of the site’s features. Not only are you browsing profiles and sending messages, but you’re also writing about yourself and exploring the message boards.

It’s a very involved network that can take a lot of your free time. It’s tons of fun and there’s always something new to check out and learn. As long as you really love sex and the people who have it, then you’re always going to have a good time here.

Conclusion: AFF / FbookHookups Is Decent, But No Fling.com

The bottom line is that AFF is okay. FBookHookups is good, but it’s just a gateway into the network. If you really want to join, then just go straight for the main site. There’s no sense in signing up here and making things more confusing than they have to be.

Make one account with the network and be done with it. You’ll know exactly what it has to offer you and you won’t be missing out on anything at all. It will all be open to you from the very first minute you verify your email. I will say this though, in my humble opinion, the Fbookhookups website is not even close to being as good as the Fling.com network. Trust me, if I thought it was, I’d just tell you to join AFF instead but Fling has it beat.