Five Simple Casual Sex Tips To Spice Things Up!


Assuming that you like to have great sex like the rest of us, then you’ll be glad to hear that I’m sharing all my best casual sex tips today. There are a lot of folks out there looking to not only “smash and dash” and go out with a real bang to remember. If you’re having basic missionary sex and you’re parting ways with that person you met online, then you’re doing it wrong.

No one likes vanilla sex.

I repeat, NO ONE like basic vanilla sex.

If you want to make a good first impression, then you need to go all in with spicing things up!

The good news is that I’ve got five simple tips that you can think about doing as quickly as today. They are economical, easy, and effective.

best sex tips for great sex

Simple Casual Sex Tips That Help Keep Things Spicy!

Okay, so I’m only going to cover the most economical and effective tips which I commonly do on a regular basis. They will work, especially if you’re using sex apps like Fling to meet people to bang.

Talk Dirty To Me

Are you into talking dirty with your sex partners? If not, then you best start doing so. Casual sex is all about keeping things casual and that means speaking with filthy in mind. It will make your sexual experience that much better and your sex partner will kick things up a notch as well.

Use Sex Toys

If you haven’t ever used sex toys with a fling partner then I suggest doing so. Even simple sex toys will spice things up and keep your partner satisfied. I almost always introduce them into the bedroom and doing so makes the experience unforgettable. Girls love vibrators and dildos, trust me on this.

Get Creative

If you’re using your creative juices, then good for you! I suggest that you get creative especially when it comes to sex positions. I can tell you right now that unless you have a big snake and know how to use it, you’re not going to have your fling come back for more with a basic missionary banging.

Instead, work in the piledriver, reverse cowgirl, or the essential doggy style position. They will all make your partner orgasm harder and harder.

Let Go

You should let go and let your partner take control if they want to do so. Some women love taking charge but they never get to do so. I love the fact that these women go nuts when they get control and take the wheel in the bedroom. In fact, I’ve had some of the best sex ever just by giving these girls the opportunity to drive the ship. At which point, everyone wins!

Watch Porn Together

Girls and guys like watching porn and if your sex partner likes it then introduce it into the bedroom. Watching porn can often boost your sex drive like never before. I’ve been with some girls who stepped up their game in the bedroom soon as I popped in the video!

Okay, you’ve got plenty of tips there to help you out this weekend. Do your job and put forth the effort to please your casual sex partner by doing things I’ve mentioned. Good luck!

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