Fling Dating Mistakes Never To Make (Ever)


Look, there are a few mistakes that I honestly cannot stress enough that you must avoid making. Certain Fling dating mistakes are never to be made, especially when you’re hooking up with some young college girl that just loves to take a good dicking. Read these mistakes and don’t ever make them because doing so will backfire in the worst possible way!

fling dating mistakes

Fling Dating Mistakes You Must Avoid

These are terrible mistakes never to make. Don’t even think about it. Understand them and always avoid them at all costs possible.

Forgetting A Condom

If you forget a condom then you’re an idiot. Even worse, if you fuck a fling chick without a condom then you’re just an asshole. There’s no reason for you to go raw dog some local chick just because you met her online. Wrap that dick up or you’ll be sorry. It’s one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself from STDs.

Adding Girls On Social Media

Dating girls on Fling is the best thing you can do, but adding them as Facebook friends and other types of social media friends is not a good idea. You want to be able to cut ties from these girls at any given point in time. I can promise that you’ll be doing yourself a huge injustice if you start becoming social media friends with them. It can really complicate things. Especially when they see you have a girlfriend, lol.

Giving Personal Info

This goes along with the other thing I just mentioned but don’t give out too much personal information. Doing so is a huge fucking mistake. I’ve had times where I told a girl where I lived, gave her my cell and house number and it completely backfired on me. The reason they have apps and on-site messaging is so you can protect your personal info.

Not Bringing Money

When you have a fling, you need to bring money. They will want drinks, food, may a hotel room. Hard to tell really. Not bringing cash money during a date is the worst thing you can do.

Telling Your Friends

This is up there in terms of stupid mistakes. If you’re using a casual dating site and it’s working quite well for you, do not go and tell your friends. It’s going to backfire if you do. I can almost guarantee that it’s something you want to completely avoid doing if you can!

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