FlirtHookup Review Tells All: Shady Terms, Random Messages, No Sex & More.

I love flirting with girls all day long online. In fact, I literally keep myself connected 24/7 via my mobile phone in hopes that I’ll come across some smoking hot girl looking to bang. No lie, ask any of my friends and they’ll tell you that I’m completely dedicated and connected. In other words, I’m in it for the long haul when it comes to this type of casual dating online. That said, when I stumbled across the website, I knew that I needed to check it out.

So, I did what any other horny single guy would do. I joined the website and became a member without thinking twice about it. That’s when everything came clear as crystal to me. No, I didn’t meet some naughty girl named crystal looking to fuck. Instead, I learned about all the flaws that this site has and what they do to profit from local single guys. Check out the review that I’ve written below and you’ll have a better idea of what I’m talking about.

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My Site Review

I did the unthinkable and just went for the paid membership. I hate waiting for upgrade options and all that jazz so I figured that starting out with a paid membership was the way to go.

Was I so wrong in that respect or what!?!? Had I read all the complaints and third-party consumer rants I likely wouldn’t have given them my charge card. Oh well, at least I can help prevent it from happening for you. Keep reading for the full scoop….

The Messaging Doesn’t Stop

When I joined this site, I neglected to read the terms and conditions. Yes, that’s completely my fault and I take full responsibility for not doing that.

However, since I stubbornly led a blind eye to that, I found my inbox flooded with tons of messages. These messages were not sent by real users but instead via the technology that they have in place.

In the event that I knew this type of thing took place, I would have never agreed to the terms. Honestly, I would have been better off trying to connect with an escort in NYC versus wasting my time chatting with fake users. Oh, and I absolutely hate them too.

No Way Around It

I did some more reverse engineering on the actual signup process. That led me to determine that there is literally no other way to join the site aside from agreeing to the terms and conditions that they layout.

It’s complete bullshit and a way for Flirthookup to not be legally held responsible for anything. Keep this in mind when you’re pulling out your wallet to upgrade on the site.

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The Costs Involved At Flirthookups

You’ll notice that I mentioned something about joining and upgrading right away. Well, if you do the same it’s going to cost you $30 for a single month and roughly $60 for 3-months.

The upgrading is all they care about as your credit card puts them on the profitable side of things. That’s also partially why they likely load the site up with tons of fake profiles.

Profile Breakdown

Want to know all about the profiles on Flirthookup? I could go on a rampage about this right now because I’m so upset that they do this to people. If you take a close look at the photos you’ll realize that many of them are “fakes” in which case you will never get lucky with them.

In addition to that, you may end up communicating with one of these profiles that are completely fake thinking you’re going to meet someone. News flash, you’re not going to meet anyone on this site. The terms state the use of “profiles that are total fiction.”

To top things off, some of the real people on the site might actually be monetarily compensated for communicating with you. How’s that make you feel? Spending your hard-earned money to connect with some back-office employee that’ll never bang you.

Contacting The Company

I contacted the company and requested a refund immediately. All I had to do was email support@flirthookup.ocm and they took care of putting the money back on my account. Thankfully they did cooperate with me which is a huge plus.

Conclusion: Don’t Join Because It’s Awful

If you want to find someone to have a fling with, you’re looking in the wrong place if you are on Assuming that you’re willing to shell out some cash and you want a network that works, then I recommend that you start using the best fling site on the planet and forget all these other sites.