Flirting: How To Do It Without Crossing That Fine Line


When you flirt with someone, it can be very exciting. So exciting, in fact, that you may take flirting a bit too far. If you don’t focus and keep your excitement in check, you can turn off a potential mate by appearing too desperate or even perverted. Here are the major signs that show that the person you are flirting with is not feeling it and you should back off.

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Things To Be On The Lookout For When Flirting

Here are some of the things that you need to be on the lookout for when flirting with women. If you miss anything, then you may end up making your situation that much worse. Take note of everything I’m about to share with you below.

Backing Off Or Away

This is something that often happens when you first approach someone who is uninterested. If you are looking at them or admiring them, they likely notice it. If they are interested, they will either move closer to you or stay in the same place and allow you to get closer. If they are not interested, they will back away. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s subtle. Pay close attention and be careful not to push yourself on someone who is not comfortable with you being close to them.

Not Advancing Or Continuing

If you are talking to someone you are attracted to and they don’t seem interested in advancing the conversation, take the hint. If they like you, they will respond to the topics that you discuss or ask questions. The more personal their questions, the more they like you. If they are not feeling you, there will be long silences. Make sure not to confuse shyness for lack of interest. If they don’t like you, their lack of interest in your conversation will be written all over their face and they will appear more aloof than shy.

Not Being Amused At All

One of the main things that will attract a potential fling is a sense of humor. If someone is not interested in you, they will resist laughing at your jokes or not be amused at all. Some people make the mistake of overcompensating as if they think that, if they make the effort to be funnier, they will win the person over. If someone likes you, they will be responsive to your sense of humor and laugh even when you’re not exactly trying to be funny. You shouldn’t have to try harder.

Avoiding Touching You

If you are talking to someone who likes you, they will look for every excuse to touch you. Your face, your arm, your leg. They will make a general effort to get closer to you and feel your touch in some way. If they are not interested in you, they will avoid touching at all. When your hands, arms, or legs touch; they will move. If you see this happening, your flirting is not working.

Lack Of Interested (In General)

This encompasses everything mentioned in this article and more. If you are flirting with someone and they are looking around the room, they are probably looking for someone who might be more interesting to talk to than you. Don’t ignore the signs, but don’t get hung up on them either. If you don’t back off after one sign, they will give you another.

Take action and play your cards right when it comes to flirting or don’t get laid, the choice is yours!

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