Review: Everything You Must Watch Out For!

I’m not going to beat around the bush here today. Instead, I’m here to share what I know about a site called This is a website that’s owned and operated by a company called HK International Ltd. For those interested, this isn’t the only site that they own. In fact, they run a site called and a few others as well. The bottom line is that this site has been scamming users for years and I’ve finally got the balls to spill the beans and call them out on it! screenshot

My Site Investigation Exposes Everything They Do!

Some of the things that I’m going to cover here in this update is the use of fake profiles, sending messages to members, having to pay a bunch of money, the horrible terms and more. There are plenty of red flags that exist here with this website and you’ll know all of them in just a few moments.

Fake Profiles All Over The Place

One thing you need to know is that the FlirtLocal site has a ton of fake profiles on it. Sure, you’ll come across a bunch of naked women in pics but who cares if they are completely fake profiles? The site has thousands of these pics all over the member’s area to get you to think they are real. They want you to think so many people use this site that it’s impossible not to get lucky.

You’ll notice that the terms and conditions of the site reveal the fact that the company uses fake profiles. Specific language in the terms state all of this and most people are likely too lazy to even read the details of it all. Basically, you might be communicating with a computer if you join the FlirtLocal website.

Messages Bombard Your Inbox

If there is anything that I hate more than not getting any messages it’s getting an absurd amount from fake users. I’m convinced that the site uses some sort of computer program that allows them to send fake messages to users. Aside from the fact that they admit to doing this, I for one can tell you how incredibly annoying dealing with this can be. If it’s not an auto bot message, it’s most likely someone they hire on the site to communicate with users. Simple as that really!

The Cost Is Absurd

If you want to become a premium member of this network, you’re going to have to pay a pretty penny in order to do so. Aside from the fact that the company is screwing you out of time, they also take your money and a lot of it. You’ll find that they want $29.95 a month of your hard earned money and all for simply communicating with fake users. You can pay less on a per month basis by committing to a longer membership, don’t do it though!

Terms Are So Shady

The terms of this website could not be any shadier. Although they lay everything out in black and white for you, it’s still not enough for me to be okay with their practices. Fake profiles and fake messaging are just that, fake as can be.

Conclusion: Don’t Join

Assuming you’re looking to flirt and connect with real users, then I’d strongly suggest you avoid using the website. It might be the worst dating website I’ve seen in years and it’s certainly not going to help you meet anyone. Whatever you do, stay far away from this site and if you want to find someone to hook up with then you might want to start here instead. Trust me, I would not steer you in the wrong direction. I’ve literally spent too much time and money trying to identify the perfect casual hookup solution out there. Just take my advice, take some action and you’ll be hooking up in no time.