Flirty Messages To Send Girls And Make Them Laugh


If you can’t send flirty  messages, then you are doomed from the get go. Texting has become the newest and best way to get a girl interested. Oh, and having a sense of humor has always been a good way to turn on women. I’ve taken the guess work out of it all for you this time. There are over forty text message examples that I’ve provided below and trust me, they work pretty well.

flirty messages to send to girls

Over 40 Flirty Messages To Send Girls

Check out these sample texts of flirty messages that will make her laugh and arouse her. Remember to take the basic idea of the text and make the words your own.

  1. Could you send me a pic of yourself on earth? I want to make sure you’re not an alien from a planet of hotties. (Cheesy, but funny)
  2. I’m glad that kisses aren’t drops of water or you might drown. That’s okay though, I’ll just give you mouth to mouth.
  3. I say to-may-to, you say to-mah-to. I think we are just going to have to settle this in the bedroom.
  4. If Bob Ross would have had you as a subject, he would have said screw those happy little trees. I’m painting this chick instead!
  5. I’m like a game of Jenga. If you keep touching me all over, I’m just going to tumble down at your feet.
  6. If I was a ghost, I would haunt your mirror so I could look at you all the time. (Creepy as fuck, but might make her laugh)
  7. The sun has got nothing on you. You are so hot, I’m surprised that I don’t get a sunburn when I’m around you.
  8. Did you know that your computer can predict the future? Check it out. The U and I on the keyboard are together.
  9. You are making the day look bad. It’s so gorgeous outside today but it’s ugly compared to you.
  10. Hey, I know you don’t even want to start thinking about having kids, but what do you think about practicing a little bit with me?
  11. I hope you breeze through your day because I don’t want anything to hinder from coming back to me.
  12. When you walk into the room, you might as well be walking into my heart.
  13. I may be mistaken, but you look exactly like my new girlfriend.
  14. Can you refer me to any good doctors? My heart starts beating out of my chest every time I see you.
  15. I just bought some chocolate syrup completely on a whim. Can you think of anything we could do with it?
  16. It’s such a nice day outside today. The only thing that could possibly make it better is having you here with me.
  17. I hope you don’t work too hard at work today. You are going to need all the energy you can get later on.
  18. You were so great last night. You just blew my mind. Oh wait, that was just my fantasy.
  19. We might be far apart right now, but all I have to do is close my eyes and you’re right there.
  20. I work for a task force that seeks out the hottest girls in the area and you are number one on the list….. of one.
  21. You remind me of an Elvis song. You are a hunka hunka burnin’ love!
  22. I just took a shower, but every time I talk to you I just want you to come over and get me all dirty again.
  23. You are just like a plane. Every time I get inside you I am up above the clouds for hours.
  24. You are like looking for a unique username on social media. I get frustrated when I can’t get you exactly like I want you.
  25. You should change your name to insomnia because every time I think about you, I have trouble going to sleep.
  26. Have a good night and I hope to see you in your dreams. You will sure be in mine.
  27. I really enjoy being friends with you, but more than friends is what I got my eyeball on.
  28. I am built backwards. I dream about sleeping with you during the day and sleep dreaming about you at night.
  29. I wouldn’t listen to your friends if I were you. Unless they like me then you should listen to every word they say.
  30. I know that time travel isn’t possible because Doc and Marty would have traveled back in time to come get a look at you in person by now.
  31. I don’t always have a thought in my head. But when I do, it’s usually about you.
  32. I need to get a telescope. I’ve been looking at the stars every night and I haven’t found one that burns as bright as you.
  33. Want to play a game with me while I’m lying in bed? We can’t play hide the salami so we’ll just have to improvise.
  34. I think I need a new calculator. I was trying to figure out the number equivalent of how hot you are and I ran out of room.
  35. I was trying to think of a good line to tell you, but all I can think of is how hot you were the last time I saw you and my mind goes blank.
  36. If you see me leering at you from afar the next time you see me, it’s because I’m waiting for that “they looked at each other from across the room” moment.
  37. I just woke up and all I’m thinking about is you. What do you suggest we do about that?
  38. Your legs must be tired. You have been running around in my head all day and night.
  39. I would love to meet your mom and dad sometime. I just have to commend them on what they created.
  40. I am so tired from work today. I am not satisfied unless everything is perfect. I guess that’s why I’m talking to you.
  41. Are you available for the next couple of hours? How about the next couple forevers?
  42. What day were you born again? The universe started with the big bang so there has to be some astronomical event when you came into this world.
  43. I was going to say that I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, but I know I’ll wake up tomorrow and I will.
  44. I used to think that perfection wasn’t possible that everyone in the world had flaws, but you are making me rethink that.
  45. Wow, you look really hot today. I know I haven’t seen you yet today, but I’m sure I’m right anyway.

These flirty messages are surefire ways to either make a girl laugh or want to talk to you. Now, If you’re a bit confuse on how to approach a girl or where to meet one to converse with, just join You’ll find plenty of girls of all ages on the website looking to connect with guys.

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