Four Main Reasons I Avoid Massage Parlors In New York City


There’s an awful misconception that hitting massage parlors is the way to go. My friend, this could not be further from the truth, especially in New York City. I’ve been around the block and I know a thing or two about massage parlors in Manhattan. Most of them are dumps and I’m not proud to say why I know them, but I do. There’s a lot that you’ll learn from this update, especially if you’re looking to get your rocks off. Whatever you do…

Take ZERO action before reading this. Trust me, not doing so could cost you hundreds if not thousands and all for nothing.

I suggest avoiding all of these massage parlors and rubdown shops in New York City. Seriously, here are the reasons why I stay far away from all of them these days.

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Reasons To Avoid Massage Parlors In Greater New York City Area

Here are the main reasons why I suggest dodging these crappy rubdown joints. You’ll get the picture soon as you read below…

Disgusting Girls

Most people head to the local massage parlor thinking that the girls are all going to be super hot. WRONG! Most of them are washed up, fat, ugly, and not worth even tipping. They tend to hate their job and somehow ended up working in a shit hole parlor just to make ends meet.

Some of the massage girls may not even have teeth. If you think I’m kidding then go hit up a couple of them. You’ll be so sorry that you did, I promise.

Way To Expensive

Almost every massage parlor in NYC is priced far too high for what you’re getting. They are perhaps the most expensive massage parlors I have ever stepped foot in. I think it has a lot to do with location, but who knows. The bottom line is that most of the “normal” or “standard” services are far too expensive, to begin with. Then you throw in some extra services and it’s costing you hundreds. Screw that, I’m all set. In other words, you’re better off keeping that dick in a box versus unleashing it for the going rate!

Too Many Stings

These are where all the long-term stings go down. The local police in New York watch these massage parlors like a hawk. They build cases on the businesses, clients, workers, and everything. Guess what, everyone ends up getting arrested for soliciting illegal activity for cash. Not a good way to end the day!

Poor Service

Did I mention that the service was downright garbage? Seriously, I’d rather have my dog walk on my back versus get some half ass massage from some of these women. They suck at what they do and it’s the easiest job in the world. Why do you think so many massage joints exist in Manhattan? At any rate, the service that you are getting is below average and at an above average price.

I’ve had some really awful experiences at these massage parlors and most of them never amounted to anything. It was me spending some extra cash only to get a fraction of the cost in return. Needless to say, I’ll never go to another massage parlor in NYC again.

In fact, I don’t have to now that I’m using Fling. Instead, I connect with local girls with a skill such as a massage, physical therapy and more. The difference is that I end up casually dating these girls from Fling and getting laid as much as I want without having to pay girls. It’s an all-around win in my book!

Whatever you do, stay the hell away from these massage parlors and don’t use Backpage either. That site sucks more than your mom! Chances are you’re not going to end up with the next Jenna Shea look alike. It’s just a bunch of rachet mutt buckets and trap queens trying to score money for crack. All in the name of illegal escorting – F that! I’m all set with those diseased hoes.

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