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A lot of the dating sites that you come across on the internet tell you that they’re free to use. Plenty of them are, as well. But not Free Friends Finder! They let you talk to the people on the site without ever having to give them a single cent. Then there are sites that claim they’re free but still need you to enter your credit card information. That’s never a good sign. They’re going to say that it’s to verify your age. That’s always a lie.

No site ever uses a credit card to verify your age. It’s not something that can be done. They want your information just so they can scam you. That’s what Free Friends Finder is doing. The word free is right in the name, but it’s going to cost you a whole lot of money. The worst thing you can do is give them your information.

At You Get Signed Up For Porn

If you enter your credit card numbers and continue to sign up, nothing good is going to come from it. They’re not going to tell you about it, but they’re going to sign you up for a whole lot of porn sites. As you go through the signup process, you’re going to come to a page with very small print.

This print is asking you if you want to be signed up for additional porn sites. The option is already selected for you and that’s the point. They want you to miss it so they can charge your card for you.

You won’t know anything about it until you see the statement on your credit card. These charges will also repeat every single month and they’re going to run you hundreds of dollars until you go into each individual site to cancel your membership.

The Free Friends Finder Profiles Are Fake

If you make it through the signup and check out the site, you’re going to see that you’re getting a lot of messages. If you try to respond to them, you’ll have to upgrade your account.

That’s going to cost you money. The site still wants to take more of it from you. That’s why it’s sending you these fake messages. No real people are trying to talk to you. They’re just trying to trick you into upgrading so you can respond to the automated messages that they’re having sent to you.

Conclusion: Stay Far Away From

Free Friends Finder has nothing at all that you want. They’re just going to steal your money from you and rip you off. You’re never going to have a good experience here. It’s just one big scam after a big scam.

You’ll be out a whole lot of money that you’ll never be able to get back again. It’s a total waste of money and there are much better sites out there for you to use. Try to find one of those instead of using this one. It’s a scam and a huge ripoff.

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