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I’ll just kick things off by saying that this review is of I’ve covered it all here. Please read it in full before taking action and joining any networks. One thing you must remember is that dating site scams are so ubiquitous because they are in fact very successful.

They are always looking for people to exploit and they know that sex is the best way to get people to lower their guard. The website wants to attract the loneliest and most desperate people possible so that they can scam you into giving them your credit card. They are very invested in appearing legitimate on the surface, and bombarding you with images of hot girls, because they know all they need you to do is put in your information one time and they’ve got you.

Free2Cheat reviews

Find out why and how this site does this…

My Review of Free2Cheat is a well-known scam site because it is tied to a network of scam sites. Nautell Capital Limited is one of the leading companies in dating site scams across the internet. They have been defrauding people successfully for years. It’s almost comical how little they try to hide the fact that this is a fraud.  Their play is to claim that the entire site is completely free to try, and that you simply have to put in your credit card information to verify your age. They don’t mention that signing up for a free account actually sets you up for monthly recurring fees of over a hundred dollars.

They Hit You With Charges From Porn Sites

Yes, they offer the typical dating site features like messaging, video chats, search function, and a social feed. But when they say the site is free, this is a complete lie. The moment you try to sign up they say you need to verify your age with your credit card.

This is not a typical business practice and should raise many red flags. These charges are tagged on automatically and you don’t realize it until you see your bill the next month. This site is filled with XXX videos and live cams, but real dating sites would never put up pornographic content. This is designed to lure in people who are desperate.

The Pictures Aren’t Real

It’s strange to see only young and highly attractive women on the site. It makes no sense that this one place would have such a collection of hot and horny babes who are desperate to hook up. The reality is that there’s nothing but men frequenting the site.

All of these pictures have been stolen from across the internet. A basic search will show you that some of the images are amongst the most popular on the internet, and have been used repeatedly by all sorts of dating scam sites. Some of these pictures are of famous porn stars. What are the odds that these women would be here looking to hook up?

Conclusion: is a Scam

There will be fake profiles constantly contacting you claiming they want to hook up, via both direct message and chat messages. You will find a variety of emails with girls saying they are desperate to see you. The reality is, you are getting these messages from a computer bot. And if it isn’t a bot, it’s a paid employee. They admit to this practice right in the terms and conditions.

They call these profiles Love Stars – just like the ones on

It gives them legal cover to defraud you because they will claim that they admit upfront that there are fictitious profiles on the site and that employees run those profiles. This is the typical fraud you will find from these types of sites. All the schemes are the same. You should never trust your credit card information with any place that uses such practices and you should stay as far away as possible from this site and those like it.

The ONLY site is can truly recommend is the one covered on the homepage. All others I simply do not trust!

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