Here’s How To Give Oral To Her (The Right Way)


We all know what it takes to satisfy most men as many of you reading this are bros such as yourself. All you need is a hole and friction and you blow your load, lol. Simple as can be right. It’s a little more complicated than that with women and many women go unsatisfied because of it.

One of the most effective ways for a man to enjoy a satisfying sex life is learning how to satisfy a woman. The best way to be sure a woman is satisfied is to give her the best oral sex possible.

Give her an orgasm before you even enter her. Go ahead and give her two or three because, the more orgasms she has before you penetrate her, the more likely she will be to have an orgasm while you’re inside her. This is especially important if you’ve got issues with prematurely ejaculating! Trust me, you better know how to do this if so!

How To Give Her Oral Sex

How To Give Her Oral She’ll Never Forget

Here are some tips on giving her the best oral sex every time you attempt to bang. Don’t sleep on these tips, they work better than you can imagine.

Be Sure To Tease Her

Tease her a lot as she gets more aroused. Lick, then stop. Finger her clitoris, then stop. Throwing in some teasing will increase her arousal and anticipation.

Take Your Sweet Time

Don’t rush oral sex. The slower her arousal builds, the stronger her orgasm will be. Use slow and deliberate movements and get more intense as she gets more aroused.

Women Need Sucking Too

You love it when women suck during oral sex, so return the favor. Open your mouth and tongue the labia while you lick in the middle.

Use Your Nose

Don’t be afraid to get your face in there. Run your tongue down the lips until your nose reaches her clitoris and rub it with your nose while you lick the bottom of her vagina.

Use Your Hand, Not Just Fingers

Pressure on her vagina can feel just as good as manipulating it with your fingers. Cup your hand over and rub the lips and clitoris gently.

Lick Clits

Don’t just lick the bulb of the clitoris like many men do. Lick the bulb and the run your tongue down the sides to the lips and apply pressure.

G-spot Playtime

Slide your fingers into her vagina and curl them upwards. Apply pressure on and around the G-spot to give her a deep orgasm.

Toys Are Acceptable

Don’t be afraid to use a toy, just don’t rely on it. Use a small vibrator to stimulate the clitoris while you lick the lips or vice versa.

Dirty Talk FTW

A valuable tool during any part of lovemaking is dirty talk. Start while your head is still between her legs and maybe even while you lick.

Apply Pressure and Vibrate

Use your tongue, hand, or vibrator and apply pressure to her entire vagina, then gently move around in little bursts of orgasmic energy.

Change Positions (Often)

Oral sex is always good when she’s on her back, but even better when you change things up. Have her get on all fours, or lie on her stomach, or even do a little face sitting.

All of these tips are those that will definitely help give her the best oral sex experience that she’ll ever have! Whether you’re having an NSA hookup or you’re banging someone you smash weekly, you need to know how to give them good head.

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