HookUp Cougars: A Dangerous Site For Your C.C.


I went ahead and reviewed the HookupCougars.com website to give you a better idea of it. If you’re not using hookup sites, then this doesn’t apply to you, but if you’re like me then it certainly makes a lot of sense. Find out why Hookup Cougars website isn’t the site for you.

Hookupcougars.com screenshot

My Review of Hookup Cougars

I’ll kick things off by stating that Hookup Cougars is one of those sites that try really hard to look like it’s legit, but if you know what to look for, it’s obvious there is something wrong here. They don’t take any chances before they reveal their true intentions, so you are asked to agree to the terms and conditions before you even do a single thing on a site.

If you look, they admit right up front that they use “Online Cupids” as profiles to promote the site. You will very quickly realize that the entire site is filled with these profiles and that there doesn’t seem to be a single real profile on the site. That doesn’t stop this site from running and being successful, however.

They offer a variety of features, including live cams and chats, to entice people to stay and sign up for their recurring membership packages. The reality is, everything about this site is a fraud and they are just trying to steal your money.

Site Is Filled With Stolen Content

At this point, you shouldn’t be surprised at all to discover that there are no real women on this site. All the photos you see have been stolen from other places all across the internet. A simple reverse image search will show that they have been taken from porn sites and cam sites. Some of the images are actually from very famous porn stars and cam girls.

What type of sense does it make that these hot girls would just be sitting on this site, desperate to have sex with you? You will receive a variety of messages, often in mere minutes, both in your direct messages and your email inbox. These will show up before you even have a chance to set up your picture or location. However, they all want you to upgrade your account to talk to them. And that’s how you know there’s a scam going on.

Likewise, the entire site is built around their live cam feature, but these videos are completely fake – just like the videos at wellhello.com. They are just prerecorded loops that play over and over and are made to make you think that there are real women here. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The only people that are contacting you are computer bots and employees for the site. There are no women doing live cam shows on this site and no reputable dating site would offer live cams.

Conclusion: A Plain Old Dating Fraud

The site admits upfront that they have profiles showing that are not actually real and are just there for promotion. They just don’t admit that literally, every profile on the site is such a profile.

However, by having you sign the terms and conditions, it insulates them from having to be responsible for defrauding you. Sites such as hookupcougars.com are notorious for recurring charges that are near impossible to cancel and being populated by nothing but fake profiles that will hit you up even before you put up a picture on the site. This is a run of the mill scam site, that’s tied to a vast network of scam sites. Avoid them all.

If you want a real dating site that delivers, then give this page a read and take things from there.

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