Hot or Not Review: Here’s Why It’s So Darn Bad!

What I can tell you is that the Hot or Not website is one that many people claim to use but I’m convinced that they don’t really use the site. In fact, I’ll go ahead and go out on a limb and say that I think it’s a complete scam and totally fraudulent. While I typically don’t like to bash sites, I think it’s one of the few that I need to totally bash. Don’t worry, I’m going to tell you exactly why I don’t trust this site and what they do.

Hot or Not Review

Hot or Not Site Gets Exposed By Me Today!

If you just look at the website, you’ll think that it’s a really fun website. Chances are you think that it’s very easy to meet people and even get laid. Truth be told, it’s not easy at all and it might even be somewhat fake to a certain extent. Here are some of the reasons why I think that this website is a waste of time and money. I’ll give you a rundown of things first and foremost before anything else.

Fake Messages

One thing you need to know is that this website incorporates a ton of horrible fake messaging within the site. Most fake dating sites do this. They do so by building out algorithms and computer scripts to determine what to send and who to send it to as well.

The specific messages that I received during my investigation are nothing unexpected. I do not believe that I got a single real response from one legit member. Every time I sent a message or response to a girl, the response that I got was completely irrelevant and nothing that you’d expect.

I didn’t really get anywhere using this site at all. Zero phone calls were received from the connections that I made. It’s absolutely crucial that you realize just how ridiculous this site is. There’s a good chance that you’ll end up meeting absolutely no one at all here. Don’t think any differently because I’m telling you that you definitely will not.

As far as meetings, there will not be any meetings so do not expect to have any. I’ve been using this site for some time now and noticed that it hasn’t resulted in any in-person dates. I went to the extent of purchasing a one-month membership for $99 and it did absolutely nothing at all for me in terms of meeting people to bang.

Conclusion: The Hot or Not Site Sucks

If you’re looking to meet someone to bang using the Hot or Not website, then you better look elsewhere. This website doesn’t do anything for you and it likely won’t do anything at all in terms of getting you laid. This site is a waste of time and money so please, don’t use the site. It’s not going to do anything for you. Sure, go ahead and play the game on the website if you want to kill time but don’t go out of your way and upgrade your membership to try and get laid.