How Do I Cancel My Fling Account?


While I do not suggest that you anyone cancel their fling account, it’s only right for me to provide the best information possible for those that wish to cancel their memberships. There are a few different ways that you can cancel your fling membership. However, I strongly suggest that you read this article to learn the best way to remove your fling dating account from the site if you decide to do so.

cancel fling

Specific Steps To Cancel A Fling Account

I’ve done my best to keep this as simple as possible, so I’ve listed everything in steps to help you better understand what it takes to cancel your account. Pay close attention and you’ll learn everything you need to know.

  1. Log into your Fling Account and go to the “Account Settings”
  2. Click on the “Profile Settings” link on the menu
  3. Check the box next to “Make My Profile Inactive” and click save
  4. Select “Manage Membership” then select “Customer Service Center”
  5. Send a message to customer service requesting that they “remove your account from the database”

If you’ve been using the social network, then you know how superb the customer service really can be. It’s so simple to cancel your account that it’s insane. Deleting your dating profile has never been easier really. While I don’t suggest that cancel, it’s only right that I tell you how to do so.

Reasons To Not Cancel

I’m going to give you some reasons why you should not cancel your Fling membership. Sure, there are plenty of dating sites out there that you can try and use but I feel strongly enough about this site to personally provides reasons why I will never cancel!

The Most Girls

No lie, Fling has the most female members out of any other dating site that I’ve ever used in my entire life. There are millions of new members that join every month. What does this mean? Well, it means that there are plenty of new people that you can hook up with in your local area.

The Price Is Right

I cannot knock Fling for the price. Given the effectiveness, it’s virtually unbeatable. In fact, if you can find a dating site that works flawlessly that is cheaper than Fling, let me know. I can guarantee that you will not find one.

Super Mobile Access

There is something to be said about Fling. I’ve been using the mobile app for years now and it’s been the easiest and most user-friendly app I’ve ever used. If you’ve ever downloaded a dating site, then you know that some of them really suck. This one is top notch and works like a charm!

If you need more reasons to remain a member, all you need to do is email or message me, I’ll give you a laundry list of reasons why this site is better than all the rest. I will say that the company behind this site, Global Personals Media, LLC is one of the best dating companies on the Internet. I’ve been a fan of their brands for years and you will too. Give them a shot if you haven’t joined any of them yet.


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