How To Get Over A Breakup Quickly


If you’re new to the online dating scene, then it’s possible that you’re struggling with getting over some sort of a breakup. The truth is that breakups really suck and they can be very difficult to get over. However, there’s a fast way to get over them if you do a few things. Yes, you’re going to have to take some action here but that’s something you’ll need to do anyway so you might as well do the right things.

I’m going to share a few tried and true tips with you that I’ve personally used to help get over a breakup in the past and move on to better things.

How To Get Over A Breakup

Tips For Getting Over A Breakup

These simple tips helped me get over a relationship that I had with a local girl I dated for years. Here are some of the things that you’ll need to do if you want to kick things into high gear and free yourself from the pain of being broken up with someone.

Feel Whatever You Want (At First)

The first thing you’ll want to do is feel whatever it is that you’d like to feel in the beginning. It’s healthy to be a bit emotional and you’re going to need to get over that so get it out of your system now. Understand that things don’t always work out the way that you’d like them to and chalk things up as that.

Stop Regretting Everything

Don’t even try to determine what happened. The other thing you want to avoid is regretting things that happened. Things may have been great at times and terrible at other times. Whatever it may be, don’t regret anything or you’ll be wasting time and energy.

Don’t Rebound

It’s perfectly fine to find someone to hookup with that might be able to help you out with a bang here or there, but don’t rebound into a serious relationship again. That’s a really bad idea that’s going to cost you a lot of emotional pain. You’ve just called it quits from a serious relationship, no need to get right back into one again.

Disconnect Socially

I always suggest that people disconnect from their ex’s social media accounts. Yes, that included Facebook too! You don’t need to be stalking people online or making them think that you care about what it is that they’re doing with their life in general. Just don’t do it. Get rid of all the photos, personal objects and anything else that helps you remind them that you were once together.

Cut Ties

I always suggest that you cut ties from them and any mutual friends for a short period of time. This gives you ample time to work on your relationship with you and avoid having to deal with any ties that you might have with the other person. It will make you feel so much better if you do.

Get Working On You

There’s a good chance you feel like absolute shit about yourself right now. My advice would be to get in the gym and start working out. Begin to work on yourself and every aspect that you can think of about yourself. I have a solid routine that keeps me in tip top shape and I suggest that you begin to do something for yourself by getting into a healthy everyday ritual.

Use A Casual Site

You’ll want to reintroduce yourself on a casual dating site as it’s going to help allow you to connect with new people looking to hookup. Waste no time in doing this and you’ll eventually be hooking up with some random women in no time! Go ahead and have yourself some booty calls just to help get yourself back in the game.

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That’s everything that you need to know if you want to quickly get over a tough breakup. If I were you, I’d take my advice and see what happens. You’ve got nothing to lose by doing so.

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