How To Have Sex At A House Party


I’ve been known to attend hundreds of parties over the years. Sure, I dabble in some ridiculousness from time to time that I might not be proud of but one thing that I am pretty proud of is my ability to have sex at a party without getting caught. It’s an art that I’ve mastered and you’ll be able to do the same soon enough.

Sex At A House Party

Having Sex At A Party Without Getting Caught

There are some simple tips and tricks that I use regularly with regards to hooking up at a party. Well, not just hooking up, but getting laid I guess. Read this and pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you!

Known Your Surroundings

You best know your surroundings and be comfortable with the location the party is taking place. I regularly show up to a party early so that I can scope out the rooms as well as the exterior of the party. No, I don’t do it in a creepy manner or anything like that but I do it so that I know what rooms and areas could be potential hookup spots.

Connect To Mobile Fling

I always try to connect to the mobile fling site whenever at a party. This is something that I do on multiple occasions to see if anyone at the party is a member of the site. When you go to a party and run into another dating site member, it immediately creates a connection between the two of you.

Talk Slick

Unless you’re in college or high school, having sex at a party isn’t really acceptable. So, what I’d suggest you do is speak with the person at the party and try to get them to loosen up a bit. You need them loose enough to be willing to risk it all just for an orgasm, easier said than done, trust me!

Suggest A Few Drinks

Suggest to the person you wanna bang that you both have some drinks. This helps further loosen them up and it’s a proven factor to help you out. Heck, play some games too, just don’t get them too drunk or you’ll regret it big time!

Move Around

You want to try and get them to a spot outside or in the house where you’re somewhat secluded from the crowd. The reason this is important is quite simple. Doing so will allow you to get close to them and make a move without someone else noticing.

Word to the wise, don’t use the only bathroom at the party. This is a frequent spot that people will make pit stops at. You’ll accomplish nothing and get caught if you do something in there!

When all else fails, head to your car and just fuck each other!

In honor of those that throw killer parties, here is a clip from the House Party movie….

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