How To Make An Ex Regret Breaking Up


When you are with someone you really like and they break up with you; it can be painful. If the breakup wasn’t a particularly nasty one, you might entertain the thought of one day getting back with them. The best way is to make them sorry they broke up with you. This is NOT an article about revenge. This is more about making them jealous and making them feel like they might want to give it another try. The goal is not to hurt them. Follow these simple steps and you could find yourself back on their mind and possibly in their heart.

Make An Ex Regret Breaking Up

Make Your Ex Regret (Simple Steps)

You can easily make your ex-girlfriend regret ever breaking up with you if you simply follow these tips below. There’s no reason why it will not work. Give it a shot and let me know how you make out!

Cut off contact with her

This is something you might feel the need to do anyway, but if you want to make her sorry she broke up with you, cut off contact in a way that seems inadvertent. Make it seem like you have moved on and you just aren’t thinking about contacting her. Not hearing a word from you suddenly will make her wonder what you’re up to and wonder if you have already moved on.

Work on bettering yourself

Becoming a better version of yourself is always a good way to make your ex gf feel like they’re missing out on something. This doesn’t mean you should be something you’re not to impress her. Improving yourself is something you should be doing anyway. Just make a concentrated effort to dress better, go out to cool places, and work on making some progress in your life goals.

Show that you’re thriving without her

Even if she acts like she isn’t, most girls keep up with what their ex is doing for quite a while after the breakup. She may even check in with a mutual friend, so you won’t find out that she’s checking on you. Be conscious of how happy you appear to others in person and on social media and show what a good time you’re having, even if you have to exaggerate a little.

Go out with someone else

One of the best ways of making your ex sorry they broke up with you is going out with someone else. If she sees that you are with someone else, she won’t be able to help but get jealous, especially if you appear to be thriving, dressing better, and enjoying life without her. Don’t make her aware of it or throw it in her face. Let her find out on her own.

The confusion technique = jealousy

This is a technique that is most effective after you follow the tips mentioned above. This tip, unlike the others, involves direct contact with her. After you have moved on, contact her unexpectedly. Tell her that something that you saw or heard reminded you of something you did together. Mention something that you know you did NOT do with her. This will show her that you have moved on emotionally and might make her so jealous that it drives her back into your arms.

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