How To Make Her Your Girlfriend


Are you the type that likes to shoot for something more when it comes to girls? If so, you’re not alone as there are plenty of guys that want a girlfriend and not just a fling. If you’re confused about both, then you might want to take some time to digest some information on my blog. Most guys should know that attracting a girl and getting her to fall for you are two entirely different things. The initial attraction is primal and it must happen for you to have a chance to win her over. Once you have drawn her in, you need to make the right moves to show her that you are a keeper. That’s exactly why I’m sharing the typical moves you’ll need to make should you want to make her more than just a quick bang you meet on Fuckbook at your beckoning call.

How To Make Her Your Girlfriend

Want A Girlfriend? Then Be Sure To Do These Things…

You’ve got your work cut out for you if you want to seal the deal and get a girl to want you. Well, get her to want you enough to want to be your girlfriend. Here are ten moves to make if you want her to be your girlfriend.

  1. You’ve gotta chase, so don’t be afraid  – Don’t be too proud because that’ll bite you in your ass! If you want her, go after her. Girls want to be pursued and they expect it to be honest. They want to feel wanted and sought after. If she’s not interested, back off.
  2. Treat her with dignity and respect – Treat her like she deserves to be treated. Respect her desires without losing sight of your own. Make her feel like a goddess and she will respond.
  3. Tell her you’re attracted – Be sure to compliment her a lot on both her attractiveness and her personality. Show her that you want her for more than just a friend.
  4. Don’t be afraid to think freely – Girls don’t want to feel like you are trying all the same things you try on all the girls. React to her and what she wants without following certain guidelines. Be spontaneous.
  5. You must keep her busy (most of the time) – She may not figure out that you are a keeper right away. She may need some time to get to know you first. Make sure that happens by inviting her out with you and your friends and have fun together without expectations.
  6. Talk about how much you like her – Don’t just compliment her when you’re alone. Compliment her and say romantic things while people are around too. Show her that you are proud to be with her.
  7. Be sure to watch out for her – Chivalry is not dead. Girls appreciate it. Show her that you are looking out for her best interests. Walk her to her car after a date. Show her you are there for her and make her feel safe.
  8. Pay (close) attention to her– Listen to the things she talks about and understand what’s important to her. Bringing up little things that she told you in passing will show her that you are emotionally invested in her.
  9. Show interest and talk to her about her life – Don’t just talk about yourself. Talk about her too and ask questions. Take an interest in her life and what she feels passionate about.
  10. Make her swoon or just be charming – If you think of something romantic to say or do for her, do it. Show her that you want something more than just a fling. Turn on the charm and woo her until she can’t resist you.

Most people out there reading this likely won’t want anything like this. They’ll just want someone to hook up with. However, it’s my job to share what I know and provide intel into all aspects of dating and hooking up, even the serious aspect of doing so. If you want a girlfriend, you can definitely make that happen. If not, then you can simply bang a girl you meet on the secret sex network I use. Whatever you do, be sure to take some action one way or another!

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