How To Prepare For A Blind Sex Date


Even though you are using a dating site to find someone to hook up with, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare. If you’ve met someone and you’re going on a blind sex date, then you need to be very prepared for it. I’ve had some wonderful experiences meeting girls in person after chatting with them online. I’ve also had some bad experiences when I didn’t do my routine prep work. Nowadays, I go to great lengths to prepare for my sex date. Here are some of the things that I do in order to prepare for my blind sex dating experience.

blind sex date preparation

Always Be Prepared

Steps To Prepare You For Blind Sex Date Success

Let me first start by saying that I consider it to be a blind sex date if I’ve never met them in person. It has nothing to do with not physically ever seeing them online. Just wanted to clarify that first and foremost. Here are the steps that you need to take in order to prepare for a successful blind date. Read this shit very carefully!

Know Your Surroundings
Before I go on a blind sex date, I always check out the surroundings where my date is located. For example, sometimes I date girls that live a few miles away. In the event that the girls want to meet me locally by them, I always do extensive research in order to pick a place to meet up.

Pick A Good Spot
Once I’ve done my research, I pick a good spot that typically is within a few blocks radius of a nice hotel. There’s a reason that I take this approach. Most of the time my date and I end up having a number of drinks to loosen up. By the time we’ve sucked down a few drinks my date is ready to go after it. I’ve got pretty good talking game so I typically end up in a hotel 90% of the time. It takes some convincing to get girls to want to go to a hotel and it takes even more convincing to get them to go home with you. Pick a sweet spot that’s close to some places you can go to fuck. Either that or you will end up banging in the back of your car.

Check Hotel Vacancy
Once you’ve secured a good date spot, you need to check the hotels around to make sure they have rooms available. There’s nothing worse than booking a date, getting drunk and not having anywhere to take your date to bang. I always reserve a hotel room with same day cancellation in the event that I don’t need it. I suggest you take the same approach.

Read Her Bio
Do not show up to your date without reading her dating profile bio. Sure, you can get a girl to go out with you just by messaging her but if you want to really impress her then study her bio. Show her that you put some work into the date and that you are genuinely interested in her, even if you simply do not give a fuck about any of that nonsense.

Rubbers and Cash
Hit the local convenience store and ATM before going on your date. You can’t be fooling around with any of that nonsense mid-date. Don’t waste your time doing that. A better approach would be to be prepared for a night of fucking and sucking.

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