Huge Turn-Offs For Women That You Must Avoid


Not everything you do will turn women on. In fact, there are many things that you might be doing that may be a huge turn-off for her. Women like to be told that they are attractive and sexy and there are also certain things that they do not like being told. You have to be mindful of these things in order to make sure things go smoothly between you and the woman you’re trying to bang.

When it comes to the certain things that women hate being told, here are top five that you should refrain from saying or doing…

turn-offs of women

Turn-Offs For Women To Always Avoid

This is a list of the biggest turn-offs for women. You can count your lucky stars that you’re reading this now before it’s too late.

Your Nails Are Not Nice Looking

No woman likes it when a man’s nails are dirty and unhealthy looking. It is important that when you are filing your nails, you make sure you remove the dirt that’s stuck underneath them. This will do nothing but improve your overall hygiene. No woman likes a man that has dirty nails because those nails touch places that must be kept clean. Keep your fingernails clean or turn off women. The choice is yours.


Shoes are extremely important for women and it is important that you wear nice shoes on a date. Bad shoes do not look good at all. Women look at your shoes and make an instant judgement of you. If you have put in some effort in your shoes and the rest of the outfit, the chances of you getting lucky on a date will be high. Contrarily, if your shoes are grubby or old looking, you’ll not make as good of an impression. I know some guys that wear old, grubby shoes that make them look homeless and they never get laid.

Listen To Her

Women like it when you listen to them. You must listen to a woman (at all times) if you want her attention and want her to give you what you need in bed. If you tune out while she’s talking, it’s nothing but a sign of disrespect. No women are going to like that. In fact, it is quite insulting to talk to a woman and not pay attention to what she’s saying. A typical one-sided conversation isn’t going to get you any pussy. It is rather advisable to make sure you focus your attention towards her whenever she is talking to get the most out of your date.

Don’t Be Rude

Rudeness is an important factor and one that you should be careful of. If you are rude to the waiters or other service workers, she will notice this right away and it won’t look good on you. Rudeness is a huge turn-off for both genders. So some respect for people and don’t be a rude asshole. Simple as that really. Even hot college girls who normally are rude themselves, care about guys not being rude.

You’re Hard To Read

If you are hard to read (especially during sex) then it’s a huge turn-off for women. In fact, women don’t like dating guys that are hard to read. It’s hard enough to find someone to bang. When you start to incorporate this, then it’s something that some women will not want to put up with. I am like an open book when dating women online. I share everything that I want women to know before I meet with them.

Be sure that you are mindful of these five things when it comes to dating women and trying to connect with them for sex. You’ll have a better time and will get laid more if you’re mindful of them all.

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