IWantHotties.com Has No Hot People, Maybe Hot Fake Bots!


Here’s what you need to know about the site called IWantHotties.com. I’ve covered the basics and pretty much everything you need to know to not get roped by this nonsense. There’s no reason for me to bullshit you or steer you in another direction. Here are the facts and what you need to know.

IWantHotties.com Review

IWantHotties Review Reveals All

IWantHotties.com only wants to scam you out of your money. All you need is a little internet know-how to figure out what’s going on. Incidentally, you should probably try this trick every time you’re considering signing up for a new dating site. It’s going to save you a ton of time and energy if you can just see the scam for what it is right away.

It only takes a few seconds and you’ll be much happier in the long run. The truth may not be as much fun as the fantasy, but it’s going to save you money and time. That’s much better than pretending that you’re talking to a real girl when you’re really just talking to a computer program.

It doesn’t matter how much fun it looked like Joaquin Phoenix was having in “Her.” Just keep in mind that the whole fiasco ended up turning the poor guy into the Joker.

What happens

So, here’s what you can expect from I Want Hotties (spoiler: it’s not hotties!). You’re going to sign up like you normally would for any site. You’re not going to have to give them very much information at all. You just need your email address and your sex.

Then you’re going to be allowed into the wonderful world of hot sluts who are crawling over you just to sniff your dick. It’s an amazing feeling. You’re going to start getting messages as soon as you create your profile. You don’t even have to upload a picture or lie about how much money you make. The messages are going to be constant and never-ending.

The problem

Then you run into the major issue: you can’t’ respond to a single one of these messages. Sure, you can see them and you can see that the women are horny as hell for a little vitamin D, but you can’t do anything about it.

Any time you try to respond, you’re hit with a paywall. Those are those pesky things that expect you to “pay money” to “use a service.” Stupid jerks. It wouldn’t be such a travesty if the whole thing weren’t trying to rip you off.

The test

Here’s what you do to find out if you’re being scammed. Pick any one of those profiles that are sending you the messages. We’ll wait… Got one? Good. Now head right to Google and run a reverse image search. Don’t worry, just Google it. You’ll get the directions. Notice anything? That’s right! That horny slut is a porn star! Well, sort of. It’s actually just a picture of one.

All of those profiles were created by the site. They’re bots designed to send you messages. The pictures you see were bought or stolen from porn sites. They send you messages and you go right ahead and upgrade your profile to respond to them. It’s so devious that it’s beautiful. The site is creating a problem and selling you the solution. Congratulations, you’ve officially been scammed.

Conclusion: IWantHotties.com Is Not For You

In fact, it’s not for anyone as far as I’m concerned. Chances are it will get shut down by the government eventually and there’s nothing that they can do about that really. If you’re banging people’s credit cards for nothing, even if disclosed, it still should be punishable. At the very least, people should be getting their money back to pay for a membership on a site that works like this.

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