Jump4Love Review Exposes Russian Bride Scam

I’m so sick and tired of stumbling across some shady dating network not worth a darn penny. The good ones are far and few between, point blank. There just are not enough good sites like Fling.com out there today. At any rate, I do what I can to test these new sites hoping that eventually, they can and will help me get laid. That’s exactly why I ended up on Jump4Love.com. Even though I wasn’t on the market for a bride, I continued to use the site in hopes of meeting someone worth banging. Here’s what I learned in the unbelievable attempt of using this nonsense.

Jump4love.com Review

My Attempt To Use Jump4Love aka J4L

While dating sites are common all across the internet, not everyone realizes just how many operate as out and out scams. Likewise, even fewer people know about the online mail order bride community. Its where people try to effectively purchase women from overseas to be their wife. Jump4love.com is one such service, and like the common dating site scams you will find, this scam is designed to look legit up front so that they can take your money for as long as possible.

Another Russian Scam

Jump4love.com will present itself as a reputable business that focuses on matching Russian and Ukrainian women with overseas men who are looking for love. It features tools that you would find on the typical dating site, like video chat options, photo galleries, and a search engine that allows you to specify your choices down to things like age and hair color.

They even claim to offer a “Romance Tour” option, where you will be allowed to meet up with your companion and travel as a means to get to know each other. Everything on the site is run by a credit based system. You can purchase twenty credits for twelve dollars, up to seven hundred and fifty credits for three hundred dollars.

If this sounds too good to be true, it’s because it is.

Supermodels = Run

Your first red flag should be the sheer number and quality of women that claim to be frequenting the site. These women are literally supermodel quality, with amazing bodies and smiles. Why would these type of women be so eager to be bought by some random man across the ocean? What will set off your alarm bells next is the outrageous number of emails you will immediately receive once joining the site.

You will find all these hot girls clamoring for you, but you will be required to spend seven credits to respond to one message. This is where the scam starts. If you bought the highest packages of seven hundred and fifty credits for three hundred dollars, that will allow you to respond to only just over one hundred separate messages. You see how this can quickly rack up to an outrageous number just to talk.

The Messaging Mayhem

By the number of email messages you get from the moment you sign up, even if your profile is empty, it’s easy to assume all of these hot girls messaging you are not really doing so. All of these accounts are fake.

But jumpforlove.com takes the scam to another level by offering their romance tours, where you can fly out and meet your online love. These tours cost an outrageous amount of money, including travel, dates, hotels, and even translators. It can easily cost to upwards of five thousand dollars. It’s a dirty scam that has afflicted many people.

Negative Reviews All Over

A simple internet search will find a variety of terrible reviews by people who were scammed by this site. People complain about spending thousands of dollars and flying around the world to inevitably meet no one.

If the profiles aren’t completely fake, they are being run by paid employees who have no intention of meeting you. The live cams on the site are just video loops and you can never really interact with the models. This site is a true scam and it’s best to stay away from it.

Conclusion: Jump4Love Sucks, It’s A Huge Scam!

There is legit no reason on earth that you should be using the Jump4love website, especially if you’re trying to meet someone to hook up with. They’re bound to rope you into some ridiculous scam and then you’ll really be sorry. Do your wallet and mind a favor, avoid this completely.

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