Kismia Review


I’ll keep this intro short and sweet. I’ve covered everything you need to know about It’s a massive scam and they totally screw consumers. Here’s what I know about it after going through the site and testing things for a couple of days…I can tell you that it’s not a site for flings, I promise you that!

Important: Kismia Scams All Users

There’s always going to be a dating site on the internet for everyone. It doesn’t matter what you happen to be looking for. You can find it on a dating site. There are plenty of them out there that try to offer every single kind of person that you can imagine. They go for a general user base and let their members talk to anyone that they want. It’s great for people who aren’t looking for something specific.

They just want to meet people and see what happens. It’s never a bad way to go about dating. That doesn’t mean that all of the sites have your best interests at heart, though.

There are far too many fake dating sites trying to take advantage of you. Sites like Kismia are doing exactly that. They want to get you in and trick you into giving them money to use a site that’s never had any real people on it.

The Profiles Are Created By The Site

The one thing that you can be sure of on this site is that none of the profiles are actually real. They’re all created by the site to send you fake messages. It doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense at first, but it’s true.

All you have to do is run a reverse image search on the profile pictures that you see. You can pretty much just choose profiles at random and see it for yourself.

You can use special software for it or you can just use Google. That’s the free option and it works just fine. Once you do it, you’re going to see that the profile pictures are all over the internet. That’s because they’re all stock photos. They’re purchased by the site and used to make the fake profiles they use to send you the fake messages.

You Have To Pay To Respond

The scam comes in when you try to respond to these fake messages. The site makes you upgrade your account in order to send out messages. That means you have to pay for monthly access to send out messages to the fake profiles that the site sends out to you. They’re giving you a fake reason to try and talk to people and making you pay to do it. That’s how most of these scams work and they take advantage of a whole lot of people.

Conclusion: Stay Away From Kismia

Kismia is just another scam dating site for you to avoid. You don’t want anything to do with it. You’re never going to talk to a real person.

You’re going to pay for a premium account and get nothing at all in return for it. It’s just a scam that you can avoid by avoiding the site. There are plenty of real ones out there that you can actually use to talk to people. Those sites are much more deserving of your time and you’ll actually have something to show for it.

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