Loveaholics Review: No Love, Just Credit Card Fees!

Some people think I’m an alcoholic. Others think I’m a sexaholic. One thing stands to remain true and that’s the I love hooking up with random girls. I guess that’s why I was so attracted to the website when I came across it. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that Loveaholics is nothing but a huge scam that you want to avoid at all costs. Site Review

My Experience Using The Loveaholics Website

Here’s the truth and nothing but that when it comes to and everything that I know about it. You may be shocked when you hear what I’ve got to say. One simple suggestion for you, do not open your wallet too soon!


Just like a bevy of scam sites that are all over the web, Loveaholics doesn’t take long before it reveals itself as a fraud. It uses a similar tactic of most scam sites, which is to resemble a legit and popular site as much as possible. Loveaholics is actually one of the better-designed scam sites around, which makes it all the more dangerous to the unsuspecting consumer.

Regardless of the design of the scam, the end goal is always the same. They want to lure you into giving over your credit card information so that they can get their hands into your pockets.

Marketed As Being Free

The first attempt at this is to get you to sign up for a subscription. You will quickly find that you are unable to access basically the entire site without setting up an account. The account is marketed as being as free, and this is how they first hook people in. The second you sign up for an account, your inbox will be bombarded with messages from all types of girls, pretending to be real.

This might pique your interest and once you try to respond, you will be hit with a request to upgrade your account to a paid subscription. The prices range from six dollars for three days, to a hundred and forty dollars for a year. You have to remember, that regardless of the charge, all they ultimately want is your credit information.

Messages Up The Wazoo!

The fact that you are immediately hit with messages once you sign up should be the first major red flag. You will receive messages before you even have the chance to put up a picture or set up your profile information. This is a dead giveaway that all of the accounts reaching out to you are bots.

There are no real girls here. Loveaholics has ripped the images from across the internet as a way to convince you they have an actual community. In fact, your chances of meeting a hot girl is basically zero. There is no one there except bots that will lure you into giving over your financial information.

Emails, No Talking

If you avoid the inbox messages you will find that they have flooded your email account with messages. The scam here is the same. It’s a girl telling you that she wants to talk further, but the only way to do so is to upgrade your account. No matter the manner in which you are contacted, you have to remember that none of these accounts are real. The notion that these accounts are fake are not even hidden in the terms and conditions. The website openly concedes that accounts on the site may not be real and exist for promotional purposes. They don’t bother to point out that this is every account on the site.

Conclusion: Is Bad, So Stay Away Because You Won’t Get Laid

Whenever you see these types of red flags you should head far away. There’s nothing this place can give you except a headache and an empty bank account. They make their money scamming innocent people, not matchmaking. Heck, they can’t even match two horny locals for sex. What a joke this site and the company is, seriously! Now, if you want to smash and really hookup all the time, then go ahead and give the site a shot! It will change your sex life for the better, I guarantee it.