Megafuckbook Review: A Mega Disappointment, Nothing More!

With movies like The Meg being released, people are obsessed with everything “mega” and that doesn’t stop at dating sites either. The is one that so many people think works like a charm, when in fact it’s a huge mess. Not only is it a huge mess, but it’s a huge scam as well. Here’s everything you need to know about this shady AF website and why I suggest you not use it, period. screenshot

My Review Of The MegaFuckbook Website

Dating site scams are so dangerous because they find a way to charge your card multiple times and leave you no recourse when you realize you’ve been scammed. is a well-known dating site scam that employs this practice to great success because they feature a well-designed site that claims to have lots of hot women. They advertise themselves as a free dating site, but they are anything but. Once you get inside and start to interact with the site, the scam reveals itself to you.

If Looks Counted, This Would Be A Winner does a pretty decent job at appearing like a legit site. The girls are all hot, there are video chat options, and typical features like chat, social feeds, and search. However, deviates from other places by having both an xxx video option and a live cam option. Legit dating sites are very careful about not appearing like a sex solicitation platform or a porn site.

However, promotes itself as a very sex-themed website, so that they can attract the most desperate consumer base. They will offer you a membership package that ranges from a few dollars for three days, to a hundred and twenty dollars for one hundred and eighty days. They will claim you can get your “free” membership so that you can check out the site for free.

The Scam Breakdown

Here is where the scam begins. They claim that you need to give up your credit card info to verify your age. You should run away the second you see this because this is a popular tactic of fraudulent websites. This is true to form with, because once you sign up for the “free” account, you have to read the fine print to see that it’s only free for two days. Then you are automatically signed up for three separate porn sites, which will incur monthly charges that total over a hundred and twenty dollars a month.

No Real Girls On The Site

When you see a fraudulent practice such as this, it’s a no-brainer that the rest of the site is an out and out scam. All those hot girls you see in the profiles? None of them are actually on the site. These pictures have been stolen from actual reputable sites and mainly amateur porn sites.

This is why the girls are so sexy and seductive in their pictures. They are literal adult actresses. Why would these type of girls be on such a site in the first place? If you pay close attention you will see that nearly all of these profiles are marked with an “LS” for love stars. None of them are going to have a booty call or meet up with you, end of story!

Yes, LS = Scam

This is how you know for a fact they’re fake because it’s outlined clearly in the terms and conditions that all the “LS” accounts are run by the website. Not only that, but the site admits that the messages you receive from these profiles are not even from real people, but from computer generated software as a means of promotion. The live cams you see aren’t live at all, but rather pre-recorded loops. Everything about this site is a scam and you should get as far away as possible if you are unfortunate enough to stumble across it.

Think about it for a second, you’re actually better off trying to meet some foreign bride on Jump4Love versus messaging a chatbot. That’s how bad this sucks!

Conclusion: Is A Massive Scam You Must Avoid

The Megafuckbook website is nothing but a giant scam filled with fake profiles disguised as Love Stars and fake live cam feeds as well as credit card charges that are impossible to avoid. Do not waste your time using this website or you’ll be sorry.