Naughty Date Mobile App Review

Well, I’ve been scouring the Internet for some new hook up sites and it turns out I found one. It’s called Naughty Date and if you’re the type that likes to get naughty, then perhaps you may find yourself filling out the registration form.

Assuming you’re as dirty and buck wild as me, then no doubt you will. However, I want to stop you from doing anything at all until you read my review of this site and app. I actually started testing via mobile before accessing on my computer. Here’s what you need to know about it all.

naughty date app review

My Naughty Date App Review (2 Week User)

No wasting time here, I’m going to cover everything you need to know right here, right now. That should help you make a decision on whether or not you’ll want to try out. Chances are you’ll pass after you hear what I’ve got to say about it all…

Ton Of Sites

The first thing that you need to know about Naughty Date is that it’s owned by an umbrella company, which runs tons of other sites. While there’s nothing inherently wrong or scammy about this, it’s never a good sign. The simple fact of the matter is that when a big company decides to focus on a dating site, they never do it well. They just need way too many of them to pull a profit, and none of them get the care and attention that they deserve.

Possible Shady Tactics

What you’re possibly left with is a group of sites that have to resort to tactics in order to keep subscribers around. To run each site properly, the company would need to spend millions for the personnel and infrastructure to make them do what they claim to do.

As I’ve said many times here, when there’s an easier, cheaper way to do things that screw over the user rather than the company, they’re going to do it. After all, companies are here to make money. They have stockholders that they need to impress, and they have CEOs that need giant raises every year or two. It’s just how the world operates. So don’t be surprised if using Naughty Date results in nothing but your bank account being lighter.

Instant Messages. I Mean, Messages Instantly

You’re going to start seeing the scam about ten minutes after you sign up. That’s how long it takes for the fake messages to start rolling in. You’ll be able to tell that these messages are fake if you populate your profile with as little information as possible.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that no real woman is going to be emailing people that they know nothing about. Yet, this is what you’re expected to believe over and over again. Naturally, as is the case with bad sites that use this tactic, you won’t be able to read or respond to the messages, unless you pay for a subscription.

It’s just a tale as old as time and IT SUCKS.

Whenever you see unsolicited messages show up after you’ve just signed up, it’s a good sign that you should just delete your account. Walk away before you have to deal with a real headache.

Chatty Bug In Your Ear

On top of the messages to your inbox, you’re also going to be getting plenty sent to via the chat feature. Naughty Date offers this seemingly cool bit of software that allows you to chat directly with people who are online, rather than waiting for your emails to be opened.

It would be great if its main function weren’t just to get you to upgrade. Just like your inbox, you’re going to be getting things sent to you as soon as you sign up. Once again, you won’t be able to respond without paying.

Conclusion: Naughty Date Isn’t Worth Your Time Or Money

Obviously, this site has all the hallmarks of being an ineffective dating site, and that’s what it is. They also employ staff members to run fake profiles and talk to you. That’s where all of those fake messages come from. It’s just your typical, run of the mill fake site that you should avoid. There are plenty of better ones out there to try – read this to learn about one.

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