Review: Find Out The Truth Before You Use It

If you didn’t know, I’m most definitely NOT a big fan of paying escorts for sex. It’s just not something that I believe in doing. So, when I came across I was skeptical, to say the least. I’m not a fan of any escort directory style websites, period. But don’t judge just yet, instead, take the time to read my quick review of the website. Website Review

My Review Of

Just to be clear and put it out there, Nightshift is a bad idea. No good will ever come from you using it; you’ll be much safer and happier if you stay as far away as possible. The biggest issue with it is that it’s not a dating site. It’s not even a hookup site. This place is just a straight up listing site for prostitutes (nothing more). Much like sections of Craigslist before it and Backpage after that, these are just ads after ads of women posting their services and the money they expect to receive from doing them.

It’s Illegal AF

Make no mistake about it, sometimes you just get desperate and a site like this sounds like a good idea. Hell, you might even not see any problem with a consenting woman offering her body for money. That’s fine, but it’s not the issue.

The issue here is that it’s illegal.

If you use Nightshift to get laid, you’re opening yourself up to lots of trouble. Not only is it well known to law enforcement, they regularly patrol it and see where people are meeting up. In fact, they may even set up encounters with some of the women just to arrest them and any men that they happen to be with at the time.

Paid Membership For What?

They have a paid membership, but that, once again, is something to stay away from. What you get is early access to the reviews two weeks before they’re available to the public. This would theoretically let you visit the best of the best before they get all used up by the unwashed masses. There’s just one big problem here, though.

You’re putting your personal information on a website that sells illegal goods. Any investigation into it is going to hand your ID over to them on a silver platter, and you might just find yourself behind bars.

“Other” Women aka Fakes

On top of all that, the women are almost never who they claim to be. Yes, they may be the same physical person, but the picture you’re seeing is not going to be what you get. That image is probably over ten years old and was taken before drug addiction riddled the body. It’s a sad truth that prostitution and addiction go hand in hand, and there’s no better example of it than here.

Not only would you not want to spend money on these women, you probably wouldn’t even want to have sex with them for free if you saw them on the street. It’s just a losing bet all the way around and that’s all it will ever be.


When you want some action, there are much better ways to go about getting it. This one shouldn’t even be considered. It’s just too dangerous and you’re not going to be gaining a whole lot. Even if you do meet up with someone, she’s not going to be anything that you really want. You’re far better off trying one of the better sites around than by using this network. I’d also like to add the danger that you put yourself in if you interact with users of the site. Not to mention, if you don’t end up getting laid you might end up n jail after meeting a local police officer.

Sounds exciting right? I know, avoid getting arrested by not using the site. Just use this here instead.