Official Adult Dating Checklist


Whenever you want to do something successfully, you need to prepare for it . That’s why I created this adult dating checklist. In order to be successful when it comes to adult dating, you need to have a checklist. I’ve personally created this so that you can increase your chances of success while using whatever the fuck site you choose. I’d personally recommend that you try this site first and foremost. You do what you want. Read the list, take notes on it and for gosh sakes take some fucking action!

adult dating checklist

Here’s My Adult Dating Checklist

Bring Condoms

This should sound like a no brainer but you should basically be carrying condoms or have them available at all times! There are chances that come along once in a while where you have the opportunity to fuck a new girl that you connect with online. If you DON’T have that trusty jimmy with you then she might not want to stick your dick inside her. Condoms are a must have and they are practically required if you want to be safe today. Carry them on you at all times.

Clean Underwear

A.B.C. guys! Always be clean, and by clean, I mean always be wearing clean underwear. If you don’t have any underwear that are crispy-clean looking, then I suggest you head to the store to buy some. A fresh pair of underwear impresses girls. What doesn’t impress them are skid marks and holes. Hahaha!


You know you’re going to need to pay for shit so you better have your cash available at all times. Carry no less than $100 on you at all times or you will kick yourself in the ass if not. No one wants to hang around with the guy that doesn’t have any money.

Credit Cards

If you spend all your cash, then you are going to need a backup. Have a credit card handy at all times in the event that you need to book a room at a local hotel or pay for a nice steak dinner.


Guess what, this may come as a shocker but lots of girls use smartphones to connect with local guys. Remain connected to your dating site of choice 24/7 and you increase your chances of getting pussy tenfold. You should be able to sign in to Fling anytime and determine who’s checking out your dating profile.

A Good Excuse

This one isn’t a good one but in the event that you connect with a girl and you don’t like what she had to say or if you know you do  not want to fuck or hookup then you need a great excuse to back out of the deal. Have a few excuses lined up to help keep things smooth with your casual date.

That’s literally the leanest and meanest adult dating checklist that I could come up with.


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