Online Crush Review: Stay Away From It!


I recently wrote an article covering a bunch of facts about fake dating profiles. Good thing I did, because it’s easy to spot everything that you need to know here on the site. Find out what I learned about the Online Crush website and why you need to avoid it at all costs. It’s perhaps the worst fake profile scam on the Internet. This explains everything and more. Please read this and avoid the site at all costs.

Online Crush

Online Crush Uses Fake Profiles

The most common scam on the internet comes from dating sites. They set up fake profiles and use them to send their users fake messages. It’s a widespread tactic, and it nets them a whole lot of money. You can get taken advantage of, or you can take the time to figure out what’s really going on in any given site. If you look around, you’re going to see obvious signs of what’s really going on. Online Crush is a site like that.

They tell you what they’re doing and make you agree to it. That’s why they’re allowed to stay in business. They can scam you all they want, but it’s okay because they make you agree to it. It’s something that happens a lot and it means that you’ll never be able to get any of your money back if you make the mistake of giving it to them.

Check The Terms Of Service

When you’re signing up for the site, you’ll have to agree to the terms of service. That’s where they’re hiding all of the information you need. They tell you right there that they use computer-generated profiles to send you messages. That’s where the scamming is. As soon as you sign up, you’re going to start getting messages in your inbox right away. It’s going to be full in a few hours.

It’s going to seem like there are tons of people on the site who are trying to talk to you. That’s what the site wants. If you try to respond to any of these messages, you’re going to have to upgrade your account. This is when you have to give them your money and you’ll never be able to get any of it back after you realize you’ve been scammed.

Check The Photos

If you still need more proof, all you have to do is check the photos on the profiles that have been sending you messages. You can pick any profile that you want, it’s still going to be the same thing. Run a reverse image search on them and you’ll see what’s going on.

The photos are all over the internet. They’re on porn sites and they’re on other dating sites. That’s because they’re all stock images that have been purchased by the site to put on their fake profiles. You can see the scam from every angle and know what the site is trying to accomplish.

Conclusion: Stay Away From Online Crush

You don’t have any reason to waste your time on Online Crush. It’s just a total waste of everything that you put into it. There are no real people on the site at all and there never will be. It exists as a scam and that’s all it will ever be. There are plenty of other sites for you to use if you want something real. You’re just not going to get it here and they tell you that when you sign up.

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