Picking Up Girls On Facebook (What You Must-Know)


Are you a Facebook fan? If so, then pay close attention to this article. The internet has become a valuable tool to pick up girls in this modern age. Many guys will use expensive dating sites or hookup apps like Tinder to connect with girls and have casual sex with minimal success. Sure, Fling.com works awesome, but sometimes you want to try something else out just to see what happens.

Many don’t realize that the largest and most popular social media site is Facebook. They also don’t realize that it is just as effective or perhaps more effective than many other dating sites. You have one of the most powerful tools to find local girls right in front of you and you’re not even using it because many don’t know how. Hopefully, after you read this article, all of that will change.

What makes Facebook such a powerful hookup tool????

Well, there are many things that make Fbook a really powerful dating tool. Here are a few of them!

Ability to cast your net far and wide – You don’t have to concentrate all your efforts on one girl. You can message many girls at once and they never have to know about each other.

Complete control over your presentation – You can post your best pictures concentrate on posting things on your wall to show that you are an interesting and fun person.

Girls make first moves – If you put up the right pictures and maintain interesting and witty posts, many girls will come to you. Just watch out for spam profiles.

Picking Up Girls And Hooking Up On Facebook

Steps To Hooking Up With Girls on Facebook

Step One: Send out the right friend requests – Browse girls in your area and make an effort to add the ones that are hot and closest to your type. You can add a message to your request, so be sure to make it short and witty. If you can’t think of anything, leave it blank.

Step Two: Learn about them – When your requests are accepted, visit their page and learn about them. See what their interests and passions are and pay attention to what they post about the most.

Step Three: Show interest in their posts – Girls will notice every time you hit “like” on something they post and especially if you leave a comment. Remain aloof and don’t flirt too quickly. Casually comment on her posts from time to time for at least a few weeks.

Step Four: The instant message – Think of an ice breaker and send her a casual message. Maybe ask her about one of her posts. Be sure you have shown interest in several of her posts and pictures first.

Step Five: Make the connection – Keep the messages coming as long as she is responding. Pay close attention to how she is reacting to your messages. If she is responding well, do some light flirting. If she starts flirting back, you’re in. If she doesn’t respond to flirting, go back to casual messages and only if she continues responding.

Step Six: Meet her in person – If you have been messaging her and she is responding well, it’s time to ask her to meet. Don’t rush it. A phone call could help seal the deal, but ask her to call you. Don’t call her unless she asks you to.

Again, I know that Fling works 99.99% of the time for me and it will for you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be intrigued about learning of other methods for picking up girls. I hope this helped out a bit!

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