Plenty of Hoes Review: Nothing But Fakes And Redirects! Sorry, No Real Hoes!

I love hoes and honestly, there are plenty of them in this world. Heck, there is even a dating website called Plenty of Hoes that exists today. I’m done using the site and I’m officially sharing my thoughts on the whole network with you today. Whatever you do, please don’t jump the gun and register just yet. There’s a lot of research that I did on things here and I can guarantee that you’ll be glad that you read this review. Here’s the whole enchilada when it comes to

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My Complete Review on the Plenty of Hoes Dating Network

First things, first, you need to realize that I don’t like this site and that it’s a waste of time and money. Sure, you think you’re meeting hoes, but think again my friends!

The main problem with Plenty of Hoes is that it’s not a real website. Yes, it’s a real web address that you can visit, but it’s not an actual hook up site. What it does is redirect you to other sites that it happens to be promoting at the time. The problem with these places is that they’re not real hook up sites either. They’re nothing but scam sites that are created to trick you out of your money. They use all of the usual tactics to convince you that paying for a subscription is a good idea with the reality that it’s a total waste of time and money for you.

Fakes, Fakes, Fakes

The way it works is simple. After you go to Plenty of Hoes, you’re going to be sent to you three or four other sites to sign up. You’re not given any reason for it, you’re simply sent and that’s it. If you make the mistake of signing up for one of these, you’re going to be inundated with messages from fake profiles (just like this site does here). You won’t be able to respond to any of them unless you upgrade your profile and start paying for your access. This is the most common scam on the internet and lots of people fall for it.

No Real Women

If any of these sites actually had something to offer, they wouldn’t have to resort to these kinds of tactics. Their functioning site would be more than enough to draw real people to use them. Unfortunately, they don’t have anything to offer at all and they know it.

The number of actual women on their sites is pretty much nonexistent. The messages that you get are sent from bots and paid employees. You’re never going to meet up with a single person. The sooner you realize that the less money you’re going to waste.

Fine Print Problems

In fact, if you look at the fine print for these sites, you’ll see that they tell you outright what they’re doing to you. They readily admit that you’ll be contacted by the site. They give some ridiculous reason for it, but the act remains the same.

The really bad thing about all of this is that you agree to be contacted by them. It’s in the terms of service that you have to accept in order to join the site. Once you do that, you can’t do anything about it besides shut down your account after you figure out what’s going on.

Conclusion: Is Pretty Bad – Stay Away

There’s no reason at all to visit Plenty of Hoes. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to stay away from Plenty of Hoes. They don’t have anything good to offer you. You should also stay away from any of the sites that are associated with it. They’re all scams and they also have nothing good to offer you.

There are much better options out there for you to check out. For example, you might want to check out the original website here. As I said, real hook up sites do exist, you just have to know where to find them. When you come across a new place, simply do your homework on them before you join.