Reasons Snapchat Dating Is A Bad Idea (Trust Me It Sucks)


How do I put it other than just coming out and saying that Snapchat is the worst when it comes to dating. I’ve been using many Internet dating services for years. Long enough to make a clear comparison between a free social media platform and a dating membership that you need to pay for.

Which is better?

That question is a complete joke, especially if you’re dealing with a platform like Snapchat. As incredible as it sounds, it is just not that great. Don’t flip out just yet, let me share my reasons with you before you get all pissed off.

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Here’s Why Snapchat Sucks For Dating

I absolutely hate Snapchat and I don’t use it when trying to get laid because it simply doesn’t work as good as you’d think. There are a few basic reasons why I refuse to use Snapchat for anything but chatting with friends. My guess is that you’ll end up thinking the same once you finish reading this blog post.

Girls Get Snotty

So many of the girls on Snapchat think their shit doesn’t stink and trust me, it smells like shit. Most of them are crying for attention looking for guys that will just creep on them and make zero moves. I guess it makes them wet or something. I don’t know but when I message a girl and she completely ignores me on Snapchat or disregards my compliment, then I know it’s a total waste of time. Snotty girls are not my thing and I’ve got no time for them.

Suspended Accounts

You basically can’t do anything on Snapchat without having to worry about getting your account blocked or suspended. I’ve had my account banned on more than one occasion and it’s totally taken me out of the dating game when I didn’t have a premium site to join. There’s nothing fun about this when it happens.

Tire Kickers

Let’s say you do connect with someone and they message you back. Guess what, there’s a good chance that they do nothing but kick tires 95% of the time. That means chatter and banter but no meeting for sex.

Screw that.

I’ve got limited time as is and I’m not about to spend my time with tire kickers not serious about hooking up.

Too Public

If you don’t want to put yourself out there, well, you don’t really have a choice when it comes to Snapchat. Everyone knows what you’re up to, who you’re snapping with and all that jazz. I hate how public the Snapchat platform is and Facebook too. Instead, I rather use a premium dating site to find a few flings instead.

If those are not enough of a reason to avoid Snapchat entirely, then I don’t know what to say. I guess you can keep using the app even though it totally sucks. The choice is yours, my friend!

Hey, at least it doesn’t suck as bad as Tinder! The Tinder app is the absolute worst!

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